Relax, Trust and Enjoy

Marriage is such an interesting journey. Learning to work with someone the way marriage requires is no easy thing, but truly is always worth it.

I am a saver. I love saving. It brings me peace, a sense of calmness and a bit of pride to be good with money. My husband on the other hand loves enjoying money and spending it on experiences. I am learning that both are necessary. But its about finding that balance where he feels happy with how we are spending it and I am happy with how much we are saving.

With that said,my birthday is next week and to celebrate, my husband surprised me with a cruise! I couldn’t be more excited. What an amazing husband I have. When his company makes sales for the week, he makes a bonus. He also gets paid time and a half when he has to work weekends. He’s been withholding his bonus and weekend pay to save up enough for the cruise without me knowing. When he surprised me with it, it also surprised me with it being completely paid off already. That was really exciting and possibly one of the best parts of it. He had not only saved up enough for the cruise but also an additional $1,000 for us to spend while on it.

I was beginning to stress out because my first thought is that we can put that whole $1,000 into savings. He on the other hand wants to use it on excursions, spas, and just having fun while on the cruise. We talked about it last night and he said something that really hit me hard. He said “I’ve worked hard these past few months so I could give you this gift worry free. I want to give you not just everything you need but everything you want. Let me do this for you. Relax, trust me and enjoy.”

Trust. I know without a doubt that he would NEVER lead me or us wrong. As much as he enjoys spending money, I know he would never put us in a financially poor situation. So WHY am I stressing about this? This is extra money. This is not part of either of out salaries. Its not like he’s being irresponsible or spending out of hand. He wants time away, with his wife, seeing the world and having a great time while doing it. We aren’t tight financially. We are blessed enough to not to have to count every penny. And this money isn’t even coming from our bank accounts! This is completely extra money that he’s earned by working his butt off.

Its not impacting our financials what so ever. If anything, its amazing that we get to go on this trip plus have spending money without ever have to worry about how to pay it. So I think I am going to practice peace, trust and letting go. Like Z, live your life and enjoy it! Enjoy the cruise, enjoy the experiences, enjoy the adventures! Breathe and enjoy.

Hears to married life and finding that balance.







3 thoughts on “Relax, Trust and Enjoy

  1. Dabir Dalton

    Re: He said “I’ve worked hard these past few months so I could give you this gift worry free. I want to give you not just everything you need but everything you want. Let me do this for you. Relax, trust me and enjoy.
    This is true love personified and an amazing opportunity for you to let go and grow wiser as you experience both of the gifts your husband has given to you.

    A good experience and shared memories.

    And an opportunity to grow beyond one extreme and find a balance between saving and spending you can live with.

    You are one lucky woman to have found one of the few good men left in this world.

    Cherish him forever as he will cherish you! 🙂


    1. I most definitely am incredibly blessed with my husband. And I do my best to make sure that he knows that and to never take him and his heart for granted. I also am so thankful for how his strengths complemented my weaknesses. I definitely am holding on to him!

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  2. Dabir Dalton

    Re: I also am so thankful for how his strengths complemented my weaknesses.
    I was really glad to read this because even though the husband is head or leader of the household. Power needs to flow back and forth between a couple so that when one is more capable of handling a certain issue they can lead out while the other one steps back into support mode and vice versa.

    When two couples work well and hard together to complement each other instead of one member asserting authority over or seeking to dominate the other happiness is the result.

    I have observed more then one member of my extended family seek a divorce after their campaign to dominate and control their husbands led to the failure of their marriage.

    BTW I meant to mention that you might want to consider seeking counseling in preparing for your husband’s return home. Especially if he is in a high stress live fire environment. Since the sudden removal of stress can lead to complications as he seeks to readjust back into a low stress environment. It would help you spot a problem when it is treatable before it could get out of hand.

    From the time I was 9 until I was 16 I rode my parents merry go round. When i finely got off when i went to live with my grandparents my world stopped spinning but I didn’t and had a hard time adjusting.

    I’ve often wondered why I had to endure so much pain over my life. But whenever I’m able to share what I’ve learned with someone like you who is willing to listen it actually makes what I went through worthwhile and the remaining pain easier to bare.



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