Vroom Vroom

Soooo this happened last night.


The truck in the background was is old car. As long as I’ve known him, he’s had that truck. Before that truck he had a Jeep, truck and another truck. He’s always been such a truck person to me and even turned me into one. He goes hunting, mudding, hauls heavy stuff. I couldn’t picture him in anything but a truck. He had talked about possibly wanting to go back to a Jeep or getting a diesel truck but couldn’t find a good Jeep and the diesels were too expensive. He also had thrown around the idea of getting a car but I had not taken that seriously because he was such a truck guy to me. We walked the lot and were finding nothing. We decided to walk to back lot since we were already there to see if they had anything good back there. And oh did they. When he say this car, his eyes lit up like no other.  And when the salesman cracked it on,  I knew it was game over.

And let me tell you, this boy drives a hard bargain. I’ve never bought a car before so I had never seen the process first hand. They started almost $1,000 above what he was willing to pay. they countered down a couple hundred but it still was not to where he wanted it. He told the guy that he had walked over just a couple hundred before and as much as he liked the car, he was willing to do it again. The salesmen got real nervous at this point. He let us know that he thought they would possibly go down a couple hundred more but still not where we wanted to be. To all of our surprise, he came back not only at but below our asking price. It was hilarious because the salesman was just as surprised as we were.

My husband just looked at me with these big eyes. I knew what he was waiting for and that this car was everything he wanted. Although I don’t really care about cars, it was what i wanted because he had not only managed to stay within the budget we had discussed but actually ended up coming in below. I was not expecting to find something that met both those criterias. So I put my hand on his leg and said “Lets go for it.”

One hour later we were cruising I-95 at 100 mph, radio on, windows down and as happy as could be. We’re heading down to Florida today for the cruise and you can probably guess whose car we’re taking :p







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