Birthday in the Caribbean

Oh my goodness, we had a FANTASTIC time on the cruise. We visited Key West and the Bahamas. We ate all the food we wanted, relaxed on beaches, explored the islands and even swam with sting rays. And just as promised, I relaxed a lot more about money. If there was a picture or a shirt we wanted, we got it. I have to admit, not counting every penny definitely made the vacation more enjoyable. There were a few times I started to slip back on my commitment but for the most part I stuck to it.

Each cruise usually has an art auction. We went to one for the first time while on our honeymoon last year. We fell in love with several pieces of art but ended up not getting any of them because they were all over our budget. Even all this time later we still talk about some of those pieces and the “what if” we had bought them. We kind of decided that the auctions would be one of our traditions so when the boat announced that they were holding an auction, we decided to go. We weren’t really expecting to get anything. We thought it would be like last time, the paintings that we liked were out of our price range and the ones that were, we would not like. During the pre bidding period, there were two pieces that we inquired about. The first was only $500 but did not come with a frame. If you don’t already know, framing is expensive! We did not know much but we knew that if we did get something, we wanted something that came framed. The second one was a bigger piece and was $1,200. I can’t remember if it came framed on not but I want to say that it did not come with the frame. For us, that was an extremely high price to pay only to have to pay $400+ more for a frame. Then, just as we were about to sit down, one last piece  caught our eye. We inquired about it thinking that it would be at least a couple thousand. To our surprise, the auctioneer informed us that it was $1,200 but it came with a frame hand picked by the artist himself. In the spirit of letting go and not being so up tight I asked him what he thought about it. I could tell we both loved it. My husband gave a counter offer of $1,000. I have no idea if thats something that is normally done but we did it! haha. We both were expecting them to say that they could not do it for that price… but that didn’t happen. He came back just a few minutes later with the price of $1,000! Sooooo needless to say, we bought it :p Neither of us could believe that we just done that. $1,000 for a painting!!! But it is so beautiful and had a strong meaning behind it. We just sat there with these huge smiles on our faces.


And while I’m gushing, I just need to say my husband was amazing. I had the best birthday ever. He made me feel like the most special and pampered girl ever. My birthday fell on the last full day at sea. We stayed up to midnight the day before just so he could kiss me right at 12am and he had little surprises lined up for me all throughout the day. Somehow he managed to get a cake with my name on it and had the dining crew sing happy birthday as they brought it out. And when we got back to the room at the end of the night, he had a bouquet of roses for me. I was in awe of all the thought and planning he had put not only into that day but the whole cruise. I truly can not even find words for how much I love him and how grateful I am for him and all that he does for me.

We had such a great time and best of all, we don’t regret anything 🙂

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