Not Pregnant


Am I the only one who stresses about possibly being pregnant despite being on birth control? And I take it almost perfectly at that. I have been married for 6 months and am yet to miss a pill. I waiting till marriage and love that decision. I would not change it for the world but over the past 6 months I have gained a little over 20 pounds. There are several things that contributed to the weight gain. A 60+ hour a week stressful corporate job is probably the biggest culprit. Because of my crazy hours at work, I haven’t be able to go to the gym nearly as much as I use too and a healthy diet has definitely not been happening. So I know its a lot of things but I still can’t keep my mind from wondering if I am gaining weight because of those things or if its because I am pregnant. This worry is new to me. Before I got married, it was not even a possibility. I always knew that I knew it was because of my eating or lack of exercising but now,  pregnancy IS a possibility. Its an exciting but also scary possibility. Its also one that we are not fully ready for yet. If it were to happen, we would welcome it and be able to make it work but being only 6 months into marriage, we’d like to wait at least a few years. Especially with me about to start a new career path. I do trust Gods timing. I just really hope its a few years away.

I started taking a supplement last week that you can’t take while pregnant. So just to be completely sure, I took a pregnancy test. I told my husband that I was taking it. As we waited for the results we couldn’t help but talk about the what ifs. What if it did come back positive? What if we were going to be parents? What if we were about to find out our whole lives were about to change?  I know one day, I will long to see the word “pregnant” on a test. However, “not pregnant” are two of the most comforting words to me right now.



3 thoughts on “Not Pregnant

      1. I think it becomes even more on our minds because now that we are married so many people ask “ohhh so are you guys planning on having kids soon?” or “when is the baby coming?” it gets to be a bit of pressure at times.


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