Sooner Than We Thought

So a lot has happened in the past few weeks. I officially left Target and began working for my husbands family’s company. Its been great. I didn’t  realize how many things I was missing out on by always working weekends. I also didn’t realize how much stress I was holding and what a toll it was taking on me and my relationships. The best part is that I actually feel like I am good at my job. That was never the case with Target. So things are definitely going well as far as that is concerned buttttt thats not the biggest change.

Since before we started dating, my husband has been talking about joining the military. His grandfather, great grandfather and father were all served. Actually, a few weeks before we started dating, he had tried joining. The only reason he did not was because he didn’t score high enough on the asvab. We’ve talked a lot about the possibility of him trying out again. Every time we do, his eyes light up. Theres been a lot of back and forth, weighing the pros and cons. Its a lot to consider. Its a huge lifestyle change but after a lot of long conversations, we decided that he try out again closer to the end of summer. We figured that that would give him some time to study for the asvab.

Well, last week he got off work really early. With nothing else to do, he decided to stop by and talk to a recruiter just to see if he was on track to apply in a few months. He ended up taking a practice asvab (the same one he took last time) and not only getting the score he needed but surpassing it by a good bit! The recruiter told him with a score like that that there was nothing holding him back from applying. The recruiter sent him home with an online link for the full asvab exam and told him after he took it they would talk about MOS’s and dates to go to MEPS.

I was in complete shock that things were moving so fast. We went from him taking the asvab in three months to him possibly leaving for basic in three weeks! But I guess thats the military for you. He took the test this past Friday. The recruiter doesn’t work on the weekends so we have to wait till tomorrow (Monday) to get the test results and see his options for a MOS. I’m so nervous!!!! We both are. I’m just praying that he did well enough to pass and get a good MOS. I’ll update you tomorrow. Hopefully everything works out. If it does, he goes to MEPS next weekend.


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