One Last Step

This week has been full of surprises, both welcomed and unwelcome. At the beginning of the week, our biggest worry was his scores on the ASVAB. Well Monday morning finally rolled around. He went to the recruiters office and found out that he had not only passed the ASVAB but scored high enough to get the MOS he wanted, Blackhawk mechanic. I was amazed that out of all the MOS’s the army has, the one he had set out for had spots available and was one of his options.  Things far outside of our control are falling into place all too well for it to be anything but God. He was so happy when he called to tell me about his test scores and MOS. I want this so badly for him. The finally step to fully and officially make it into the army is MEPS. Its a two day process. He leaves today and comes back tomorrow. If everything goes right, he’ll take the oath tomorrow morning.

A lot is going on in my mind. This very likely is the last day I’ll know his as a civilian. Its probably a bit dramatic but its true! If this happens, we’re in for a whole lot of change in a short amount of time. I know he’ll will change and I will too, I just don’t want us to change too much from the people we fell in love with. The other thing my mind is that tonight will be the first night we spend apart since being married. Its sad for me because I know that this will only be the first of many nights spent apart. If/when he does get in, between basic and AIT, he will be gone for 6 months. Thats almost as long as we’ve been married! I will say that I am so grateful for the months we had just us. I may not know much but I know we are in for one heck of an adventure. I’m praying so hard that he gets in.






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