Home Alone

First night by myself. Goodness this house feels so much bigger and seems so much quieter. I’m so grateful that its only for one night. I feel so much more secure and protected when he’s here. Without him, I’m a bit on edge. Every creak and sound the house makes me nervous. I don’t know how I’m going to do 6 months of this but I’ll figure it out somehow.

I feel like I am not always grateful for his goofiness and all the things he does for me. Sometimes gets on my nerves or irritates me. I know that its normal to an extent but I also know I’ll be missing those things very soon. So instead of getting annoyed, I need to just laugh at, enjoy and appreciate them… and him. Because in a few weeks it’ll just be me.

So your job for the next few weeks is to love, take advantage of and treasure every moment you get with him.


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