Trusting the Process

Guys… Im not ready for him to leave. I don’t think I ever will be. I pray these are the 7 slowest days of my life followed by the 6 quickest months of my life.

We both are extremely stressed. We still have a lot to figure out with the house, car and other things but we’re trying to just enjoy the last few days we have together. We own a beautiful home that we just bought 8 months ago. It’s our first home together and I love it. I have since the moment we saw it for the first time. Its going to be a lot harder than I was expecting to give it up. We were just beginning to truly make it ours. Had so many memories I was looking forward to making in this house and so many that we will be leaving behind. But I trust God, His plan and the process.

It’ll be awhile before we are homeowners again but I know eventually we’ll have a home to call ours again. It was a short chapter owning this home. A lot shorter than expected but it was perfect. All the struggles and joys we’ve shared grew us and brought us closer together. I am not excited for the next 6 months but I am excited to get our first duty station.

My goal for the next 7 days is to show him as much love as I am. I also want to give him as much peace and confidence as I can that I will be ok while he’s away.


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