First Phone Call from Basic

9:13pm April 4, 2017- the time of my first phone call from my Hubby and basic.

Gaaahhhhh!!! And to think that I almost missed it! I have had my phone glued to my hip since he left but when he called, I had just put in on the charger and walked to the next room. I thought I heard his ring tone playing but knew it couldn’t be but as I listened, I realized it was! I ran into the room and picked it up as fast as I could.

“HHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!” I said in the most excited voice. “I have arrived at Fort ____.” He said, trying to compress a laugh that I knew was from my excitement. “I am safe. I will call you when I can. Goodbye.” And just like that we was gone. I got in an “I love you.” at the end. I know he couldn’t say it back because it was clear he had to stick to a strict script but I hope he at least heard it.

The whole day I had been fine but the moment I hung up tears came streaming down. Goodness was it amazing to hear his voice and oh how I missed him. That call happened two days ago now. The past two days have been weird. I have not been able to pin point my feelings but I finally realized that we’ve never gone a day without hearing each others voices and here we are going on to day three. I realize more and more every day how tough this process and life is going to be. Things normal couples take for granted, heck that I took for granted, I now am wishing so so hard for now. 2 days down, 9 more weeks to go till he completes BCT.



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