Can You Just STOP?!

Only one week in and I’m already sick and tired of army wives/parents. Not all, just the several that I have interacted with so far. I know thats a broad statement so I guess I don’t really mean it entirely but here’s whats been going on:

I found and joined a Facebook group for the post my husband is at. It is specifically for family members with a loved one going through either basic training or AIT at that post. At first it was helpful because there is a lot of information about how to address letters, traveling to the post, graduation and so on. But the longer I am apart of the group, the pettier it feels. People are constantly bragging and one upping each other. It feels like every time someone gets a letter from their SIT (solider in training), they post about it. Sure I get it, they are excited, but it comes off like they are rubbing it into everyone else like their person is better or loves them more than our person because they got a letter and others have not.

Of course some people congratulate them on the letter or whatever but the majority of comments are questions like, “When did your SIT start?” “What unit/platoon are they in?” And then without fail, the worry starts “Wow my SIT has the same MOS and I haven’t hear anything from him.” “Mines been in for several weeks longer and I still have not gotten my fist letter.” and so on. But thats not the end of it. After the worry comes the bragging “Oh thats exciting. I’ve gotten three letters from him so far!” “I got my first call from him last night” then the one upping “I’ve gotten two calls and several letters from mine.”

It’s just ridiculous. Like are we in middle school?! This is not a competition about who can get the most letters or phone calls! It is suppose to be a support and informative group. On the surface it seems encouraging but really its just a whole lot of rubbing letters and phone calls in other peoples faces and a ton of insecurity, from both the people doing the boasting and those reading it.

And since I am already on a rant, I guess I might as well get it all out. WHY are parents on the page?! Like I get it, thats your child but the parents are worse than the wives! They start the majority of worry and bragging. Right now the hot topic of worry is with Syria and getting deployed. I just want to yell “Chill the HECK out” Pleaseee. Like they just started training. They still have months to go followed by months of AIT. Deployment is always going to be a possibility. There is always going to be a war somewhere but we can NOT freak out everything something in the world happens. THEY signed up for the military for a reason and they all knew deployment was not only an option but a high probability. Let them go. Cut the freaking cord already. They made a decision for themselves and families. Let them live in that decision and support them. It is really that hard?! Yes its scary but can we stop freaking out of something thats not even for sure?! What a stressful life that must be to worry about every single possibility. Be grateful that they do not have orders yet to deploy and deal with a deployment when it comes.

Ugh. I hope to find an actually supportive group of friends and wives eventually but this is not it.





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