Ups and Downs

So big things have been happening.

Most exciting thing first, I got my first letter!!! Awww man, I was so happy to see it sitting there waiting for me in the mailbox. Just seeing his hand writing made me tear up. I was expecting a very short and sweet letter but I was pleasantly surprised. He wrote me two pages! I read and re read and read every word and letter of it. I was thankful that he sounded upbeat. I have heard of several people writing that they want to quit or go home but not him. I knew he was ok but hearing it from him meant a lot.


The second thing going on is that we officially have the house up for sale! It just happened yesterday and so far there is a lot of interest. Had 5 showings today and several booked for tomorrow already. I am still negotiating out the contract for renting so thats not on the market yet but hopefully it will be by tomorrow. Im freaking out and a bit pissed about some of the feed back the house received. Only two people have shared feed back so far. Both  liked the house and the updates that had been done. The carpet and hardwood floors especially. But one person had the nerve to call some of the things “a DIY gone wrong”. Now I know why they ask for the owners not to be at the house when they show it to potential buyers. I’m sure glad I wasnt here for that. Like excuse me?!? Ummm my husband is a nationally certified flooring installer. He is among the top three most qualified and certified installers in the area. Like you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Does your husband even know what a hammer is? I didn’t think so.

Ohhhh that comment clearly got my blood boiling. The other person just didn’t like the neighborhood  which is whatever but that other person, like was that really necessary to say? You could have just said you didn’t like it. I know, I know, I can’t take it personally.. but thats hard to do! We put our blood, sweat, tear and money into this place! I love this house. It literally is my baby. And I am sooo proud of it that its hard to just shake it off when someone doesn’t like it like I do. But I know thats not realist. I don’t need everyone to like the house, I just need one. One person who loves as much as we do and we’ll be set.

Its nights like this that I miss him so much. I wish he were here for me to rant about this to. I wish he was here to calm my worries and receive some of the stress. I wish he were here so he could just hug and hold. I wish he were here. But I know he’s where he needs to be and I also know that God has a plan for us, the house and everything else that is to come. He wouldn’t have lead us this far just to leave us. It may not happen in the timing and way I want, but it will happen when and how it needs to. I stand on His truth.


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