9 Weeks Down, 2 Weeks to go

16 days to be exact. Plane tickets are bought. Rental car is reserved. Hotel us booked. Just counting down the days now.

I wrote my last letter today. The commanders letter asked family to stop writing 2 weeks before graduation. I can hardly believe we’re that close to graduation. It really is true what they say “The days are slow but the weeks are fast.” Day by day by day. I can’t wait to see what he looks like. To see him in uniform. To see him in general. To hear his voice, hold his hand. Just being with my husband, finally after 11 weeks. 2 days isn’t really all the long but I’ll take it.

I have HUGE news. I think I mentioned that we put the house up for sale last month right? If not, I am now. Knowing that he graduates AIT in September and that we would be headed to our first duty station around then, we needed to sell the house. It was up for a little over a month. It got great interest but no offers. People were being so ridiculous and knit picking everything. Its not a new house soon its not going to be perfect but perfection was what they were expecting. I kept beginning to stress but would always bring myself back to God, knowing that he has us and had a plan for the house. We just had to trust and rest.

Well, last week, Gods faithful came through. We got an offer on the house for FULL asking price. We had priced the house high expecting that we would have to negotiate but NO! They put in an offer for exactly what we had asked for. When I got the news, I was completely overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by His goodness and faithfulness. With my husband completely out of touch, I had been praying that God give us an offer that 1) I knew was from His 2) That I couldn’t refuse 3) That I knew my husband would be happy with. Full asking price fully surpassed all those things. I could not believe it. That was days ago and even now it still overwhelms me. God is so much better to us that we deserve and I so grateful.

I accepted the offer the next day and we have entered into a binding agreement. We are in our 21 days of due diligence. Its during this period that the house inspection happens and well as negations on what repairs we will fix. The appraisal happens within the first 30 days but can happen sooner. Its tempting to start to worry about both of those things but then I realize just how silly that is. Everyone told us that there was no way we would get an offer for full asking price… well look what happened, Our God had a plan. I know he would not bring us this far only to have the house inspection and/or appraisal fail. Gods hands are on both those things. We’re set to close July 12th. Im not going to worry about a thing. God has us. Goodness is our God amazing.

I wrote a letter telling my husband but I don’t know that he’ll get it before I see him. The mail is soon delayed. Either way he’s going to be so excited. The same day I got the offer I also received a letter from him saying he hoped the house sold for what we were asking. I wish I could see his face when he learns the news. I feel like his job was to get through basic, mine was the get the house sold. Ekkkkkk!!!! Looks like we both did what we needed to do. All glory goes to you Dad. The sale of this house was none of me and all of you. 16 days a counting!







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