Okay, sooo I'm going to have to step up my risky pic game lol. He ended up not opening that night like I was hoping. Instead he randomly did while we were on the phone together the next day. I was sooo nervous haha. "Ooooh, no pants. Sexy." He said... and then we were on …

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Keeping Things Interesting

Its only week one of AIT and already its sooo much better than basic. Mostly because... he has his phone! I forgot what it was like to just be able to text him with a question or random thought. Sometimes its hours before I actually get a response but I don't care. Its amazing to …

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Not The Easiest of Nights

Tonights a night I just don't feel like sleeping. Sometimes in the excitement of everything I loose sense of reality... but it always finds you eventually and tonight its hitting hard. Im excitement to see my husband. I think that goes without saying and my family and friends are excited for me as well. But …

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