10 Days to go

I can hardly believe we’re down to just 10 days. The only problem is time feels like its going slower than ever! Im so ready to see him and wrap my arms around him.

I’ve had my outfits for family day and graduation picked out for weeks now. I searched the web forever looking for the perfect dress for both days. I knew I wanted a maxi for the first day then a shorter dress for the graduation. I ended up finding the most gorgeous dress from Lulus. Being 5’9, its pretty difficult to find a maxi that actually touches the ground but this one is literally perfect. I feel soon beautiful in it. It just adds to my excitement. The shorter dress on the other hand, Im not too thrilled with anymore. I got it from Old Navy. I think thats part of my problem. It was only $20 and from a bargain store. At first I was happy with the steal but now it doesn’t feel fancy or special enough. Especially since I found of today that graduation is dressier that family day. So now I am back searching the internet hoping to find the perfect dress.

Im overthinking this wayyyy to much and I know it but I just want everything to be perfect. Its been so long and its such a big day. I just want to look amazing. Im going to go shopping for a dress tomorrow, if i don’t find anything then I’ll just wear the one I have but hopefully I’ll find something that makes me feel as beautiful as the maxi dress does. I can’t wait to see him. In his last letter to me, he mentioned that he had some pain in his shoulder. I hate hearing that he’s in some pain. He said he did something funny to it during one of the exercise. It makes me extremely nervous. I just want him to be ok and finish on time. He sounded extremely determined to do just that though. In huge caps he wrote “THAT WILL NOT BE ME” He was referring to people being sent home for con leave. Apparently 5 SIT’s were waiting to be sent home because they decided the military was not for them and another 5 were being sent home for 30 day con leave. He just needs to make it one more one. This week is big. They have a 3 day overnight field mission exercise followed by a 16k ruck march. I pray he makes it through those things without pain and the pain that he does have goes away. He’s so close.

After he completes those things, he gets a call home to confirm that he’s graduating. Usually that call comes Saturday-Monday. I can’t wait to just hear his voice. I feel so ridiouslous being so nervous to talk to my husband but I am! Like I have so much to tell him and so many things to ask and Im sure he will be the same way. We both are probably going to be so excited that our minds will go blank lol. We’ll see. One week till that call. 10 days till I see him.

Stop. Freaking. Out.


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