Single Digits Baby

9 days.

No lie I still am on a high from his call last night. I managed to get a few hours of sleep in but not much. The sound of hiss voice was the best thing. I’ve been replaying it over and over in my head. Each time getting more and more excited to see him soon.

It was so wonderful to know that he knows about the sale of the house. He was so excited. Knowing that he was on board gave me a lot of peace. We had the appraisal today. It literally took 7 minutes which is ridiculous. Yet it takes a minimum of 10 days to hear the results. What takes so long is what I want to know. I know they pull the comps for the neighborhood and whatever that doesn’t take 10 days, it just does not. Whatever. Im standing in agreement that the appraisal will come back at $170,000 or higher. I have my closest friends and family praying and believing with me on that. My first instinct is to stress about it but I keep making the conscious decision to place it in Gods hands and trust Him with it. Stressing about it will literally get me nowhere, but trusting God with it? Thats where miracles happen.

I didn’t find a dress today. I’m going to re try on the short dress. I might go get another bra, maybe that will make the difference I’m looking for. The strapless one I have now, Ive literally had since high school. I think it just might be time for an upgrade. Who knows, I might find a cute dress while Im at the mall too.

Just 9 more days and all this overthinking will seem so pointless. 9 more days till I see the love of my life ❤

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