BCT Complete

Guys, he did it! He graduated BCT!!!

Awww man, Im proud beyond words. It was an emotional but amazing two days. I was a bundle of tears from the moment I arrived at the airport. Something about actually being on my to see him, stirred up everything I had been avoiding. Like how much I actually missed him or how hard this time apart had truly been. Or even how excited I was to see him. Every time I’d think about it, I would tear up.

Travel wasn’t too bad. Since I didn’t have my military ID yet, getting on post took forever but I was extremely grateful to have gotten a hotel on post. That made everything easier. Before I settled in for the night, I ran out to Walmart and bought all his favorite snacks. Thought it would be a nice little treat for him. I got back to the room and was just a bundle of nerves. Lucky for me, I was exhausted so I knocked out pretty early.

The next morning, I was up before my alarm. All nerves were gone and pure excitement filled me. I had music going and makeup on point. I ended up getting ready a lot earlier than I had expected. So I tried to chill out and watch some tv but that didn’t work. Still extremely early, I decided to head out. I knew I would rather wait two hours in the parking lot of where I would meet him than in the hotel room.

From 7am-8:30am, I just hung out in my car. I was one of the first to get there. By 8:30 though, the parking lot was pretty full. Then at 8:40, it happened. I large carter bus drove in, parked in front of the building  and the SIT’s began to unload. Aww man, the excitement when they started getting off the bus. When went straight into formation. With is PLT being the furthest away from us, I couldn’t see him but it didn’t matter, I was so excited. They were in formation for what seemed like forever. But finally we heard the words “Soldiers, fall out!” and everyone went crazy crying and hugging each other.


I was nervous. It had been so long since I last saw him. “What if I didn’t recognize him?” “What if I couldn’t find him?” But all those worries fell away when my eyes met his. No words can describe that feeling. He looked amazing and being in him arms felt sooo good. I definitely was in shock for awhile. I just kept staring and smiling at him. Not going to lie, it was a bit awkward because you couldn’t show too much, if any PDA. For a homecoming or graduation, its acceptable to hug and kiss them when you first see them, but then PDA has to go back to nothing. So we were standing there just wanting to be all over each other but having to hold back. We didn’t even kiss! But just standing next to him was good enough for me.


We got two days together and both were amazing. The first day, we mostly chilled in the hotel. The second day, we explored the post. It definitely took us a minute to get reacquainted. When we got to the hotel room, the first thing he did was pull me in for a kiss. That first kiss was literally fireworks. I loved hearing all about what he had been through these last few months and catching him up on everything on my end. Just having him close was amazing. He definitely had changed in some ways yet at the same time, he was still that crazy, silly boy I sent off to training.

Those two days were just what we needed. We just needed time together just to be. The thing that was the most clear was that we came out of this experience more grateful for each other and more in love with each other. Now we’re on to the next count down- AIT.

I thought AIT was only going to be 14 weeks but its actually 16. Already AIT is better than basic though. He arrived at this AIT location yesterday andddd he gets to keep his phone from day one!  Im still soooo not use to getting texts from him. My heart skips a beat every time I hear his text/ring tone. We’re not sure yet when we’ll see each other next, we have to wait till he phases up to the next level. It should be at least 4-5 weeks before that happens but once it does, he’ll get off post passes. The only thing is that that count down begins once he actually starts training. He’s currently a holdover right now. They didn’t have enough room for everyone so they have to wait till spots open up. Right now they are saying it’ll only be able a week butttt this is the U.S. Army, we’ll see about that. Hopefully its not too long though because the soon he starts schooling, the sooner we’ll be under the same roof again.







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