Surprise Delivery

Even from far away he finds ways to shower me with love.

Thursday is our FIRST anniversary and guys, its been hitting me harder than a brick wall that we won’t get to spend it together life we’ve planned to all year. We were either going to take a three day weekend and go back to the beach where we got engaged or possibly do a one year photoshoot at our wedding venue or maybe in just treat ourselves to a weekend in and couples massage. We had so many ideas for how we wanted to spend this week and apart was most definitely NOT one of them but its unfortunately the one that happened. Apparently the military had other plans… but thats ok because so did my husband.

So at work, theres a huge showroom filled with all kinds of flooring displays. The receptionist and sales people all have desks on the showroom but my office is completely separate from the showroom. Theres never any need for me to be on the showroom. But today, the receptionist came back to my office and was like “Hey, we need you out on the floor. Theres something for you.” The look on my face was like “Ummmm whatever/whoever it is, I don’t want it.” lol. I was so confused and hesitant. So I walk out and theres a HUGE bouquet of the most gorgeous yellow roses with a note sticking out with MY name on it. Awww man, my heart just melted when I realized they were for me. Every single girl in the building was standing around me just gushing about how sweet and romantic the flowers were. I’ve never been on the receiving of something like this before. I was caught COMPLETELY off guard and overwhelmed with his love. Goodness am I a lucky girl.

Our actually anniversary is on Thursday but I’ll be out of town for a friends wedding. I have been stressing this whole week that he might send me something to be delivered on Thursday and I would miss it. But he planned ahead. Ugh, those flowers meant the world to me. Im learning that distance makes certain things more meaningful, this was one of them. You just run to the store and get some flowers. No, in order to make this happen, he had to pre plan, prepare, organize and execute carefully and he’s not really the planning type. But knowing that he put in extra effort and time to make this happen meant everything. Awww man, I had to hold back tears all day. Made me tear up every time I looked at them. Truly made me feel like the luckiest girl.

And yay for one year!!! We did it! One year down, forever to go.







One thought on “Surprise Delivery

  1. Aw, what a sweetie. Rhys and I have spent a couple anniversaries apart and will spend the next one coming up apart too. I know it can be rough some days. Just keep that “forever to go” in your mind on those days and remember how awesome your love is.

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