Homeowners NO MORE!!!

I’m a few weeks late on this but… WE SOLD THE HOUSE!!!

Awww man, what a weight off my shoulders. The process was a lot tougher emotionally than I expected. Saying goodbye to the house was extremely tough. The day that we moved out was when it truly began to sink in that we were selling it. I kept tearing up throughout the day but knew I needed to hold it for when I could go back alone and thats just what I did. About two days later I went back and cried my eyes out. There where so many emotions all mixed together. Sadness, anger, pain, grievance, thankfulness, relief. I cried for all the memories we made and all the memories we didn’t have time to make. I was man that this chapter of our lives ended so abruptly but excited for what is to come. It hurt some much to say goodbye without my husband and honestly I was a bit angry that I had to do it by myself but I knew it wasn’t his fault. Above all, I was grateful. Grateful for every memory we had created there and every minute we shared together.

We closed two days later and it was all nerves and excitement. I almost kept expecting something to go wrong or some last minute detail come to light that would throw everything off but nothing did. We closed at noon and I called him on my way. We both were beyond excited. When I got to the office, I was surprised to discover that it was an older couple. They were easily 3 times our age. They told me it was going to be their retirement home. It was so odd to here our first house was going to be someone last home. It felt heavy to sign his name without him there. You could tell the the couple was curious as to where he was and why we were selling the house after just a year. On the way out they finally asked so I told them that my husband had joined the military. The male had served as well and had nothing but good things to say about his experience. It was definitely good to hear. Goodness, I’ll never forget the feeling of walking out of that office. I felt weightless and unstoppable. I hugged my realtor so tight!

Though I went through a lot of emotions and tough times selling the house, Im so glad we went for it. And I’m even happier to have that behind us and off our shoulders. Now we’re just counting down to October and saving as much money as we can!

2 thoughts on “Homeowners NO MORE!!!

  1. Dear beautiful Army bride: I enjoyed reading your blog. You are at the beginning of your military journey; my husband and I are crossing our 30 year line. Your posts are charming and they remind me of all the ups and downs of our crazy military lifestyle. Wishing you and your hubby a wonderful life. I may be biased, but I don’t think anybody except another military spouse can truly understand the things you are going through. I’m glad you are writing down your thoughts; I wish I had started a journal 30 years ago. Keep up the good work; your support means to the world to your husband. Thanks for taking good care of an American soldier.


    1. I can not thank you enough for these words. I absolutely love stories of beautiful marriages that have lasted through life and the military. Its tough now but I hope to one day be there you are in 30 years. Thank you for taking the time to read through my experiences and for sharing yours.


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