Hurry Up and Wait

So heres where we are. He got green lighted to be deployed last week. Received all his gear. All paperwork is done. All boxes are checked and yet... he's still here??? Apparently he's leave date got pushed back just a little. Its not by much but we'll take it. Its tough because I am of …

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How am I going to do this?

That's just one of thousands of questions whizzing through my mind. "How? Howww am I going to survive?" It was miserable without him but I was established there, had a full time job, had my family and his close, had friends, had routines and a schedule. Here, I have nothing. I know that sounds so dramatic but …

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Screw You, Sincerely The U.S. Army

Andddd that pretty much sums it up. The thing we were dreading most happened today. He received orders to deploy... next week. I still haven't even begun to process it. I can't believe 1) that this is our reality right now. I've heard, seen and known of so many go through this but its so …

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