Home Sweet Home

Today makes two weeks since we first stepped foot in Texas. It took us three days to get here but we could have made it in two if we needed to. I’m glad that we did take out time though and just enjoyed the trip. It honestly was like a mini vacation. Just time together, having fun and getting to know each other more.

Our families were freaking out. “Where are you guys going to live?” “Do you have a house yet?” “Why are you waiting so long? “Why aren’t you going to live on base? It really would be best.” And so on. It was so annoying! We both had to bit our tongues so hard to keep from just bursting out and saying “Just let us be adults and figure it out on our own! We got this… and if we don’t, we’ll figure it out!” In their defense though, we 200% did just roll up to Texas with no concrete housing plans, but it honestly could not have worked out any better. We thought about and even tried to get out housing situation decided before we arrived but their were just too many variables. Houses and apartments were going on and off the market so quickly. We would research and make lists and the next week, we would have to start all over. So together we decided that it was causing more stress trying to do it before instead of just waiting so thats exactly what we did.

We were set to arrive Friday, so Friday morning I began calling apartments and we began narrowing it down the options. Several did not have any availability so those were an easy cross off our list. Others were too far, had awful ratings or where in the wrong part of town so we crossed all those out. After everything was said and done, there was only one that met all the criteria so we literally put the apartment complex address in the gps and headed straight there. We roll up after being on the road 7 hours and our car stuffed with our things. 90 minutes later we had keys in hand and were moving into our new apartment.

We were so happy, exhausted and relieved. We just kept looking at each other with so much joy and excitement in our eyes. After 7 long months apart and 5 months of (me) living with my parents, we finally had a home to call ours again. Its such a beautiful thing to be under the same roof, sharing and creating a home with the one you love most.

You know more than anyone how tough these last months have been for me but having him back and getting to live life with him again made it all worth it. So grateful to have basic training and AIT behind us and I could not be more excited to have him by my side again.



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