When Christmas Has to Come Early

As you know, my husband received orders to deploy sometime before Christmas. As unfortunate as it is, we are making the best of it and decided to celebrate early (and probably again when he gets back 😏 ). I ordered his Christmas gift the first week of November, way before we knew he would be deploying. I have known for months now what I was going to get him. A wooden flag gun concealment case.

Because they are hand crafted and in high demand, you have to order months in advance. Sadly, despite ordering early, it just was not going to make it here in time. I told him that his gift would not make arrive in time. (He thinks I just don’t actually have something ordered but jokes on him!) Anyway I had to come up with a plan B. He absolutely loves professional massages and he has been wanting for awhile now. Between PT and the gym his muscles are pretty tight. Not even to mention stress from moving and the up coming deployment. A day all about relaxation is just what we need so I booked us a surprise couples massage at one of the BEST luxury spas in town. I am BEYOND excited. I can’t believe he thought I was going to send him off with nothing! I can’t wait to see his face tomorrow when I tell him what I have planned.

He has known almost all year what he was getting me but never let me in on it. Then the other day he comes home and drops a box in my lap. I open it and its a new space grey Mac book pro with the touchbar 😍. I was speechless.

We originally we not going to exchange gift until he got back since he told me my gift would be expensive and I told him his gift was not going to get here in time but that all changed when he went rogue lol and bought mine anyway. But its totally okay. I love that he could not not give me something for the holiday. He’s been so excited all year for Christmas, I should have known he would. Of course the one thing that did not make it to our new duty station was all our Christmas decorations. At first we were going to rebuy everything and put up a tree and all that jazz but when we found out he would be gone and I would probably be home with my family, we decided to just save our money and forgo Christmas decorations this year. But next year, we’re going all the way out. I guarantee you that!


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