Home for the Holidays

Never thought I would say this but it truly is good to be home. I was not planning on coming home. Was just going to prepare for the holidays alone but my family (and his) were having none of that. And now that I am home, I am so grateful that they made it happen.


I ended up coming home just in time for my sisters college graduation. The best part was she had no idea that I was coming. When she did see me, see bursted into tears. It was so sweet and made coming home totally worth it. I was also able to surprise his family. It was so much fun walking into the store and seeing all of their mouths hit the floor in shock that I was back. Theres also no hug like that of a grandmothers. Her hug was just what I needed and completely worth the trip home.


Although I won’t be staying home for the whole deployment, theres no reason to fly back before Christmas. So looks like I will be home for a few weeks. I am not sure when I will be home next. Probably not until after he’s back if I had to guess, So I am looking forward to enjoying and making the most of these next few weeks.


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