Surrendering to the Chaos

No, I am not giving up. But more of just embracing the crazy, unexpected and unpredictable. I love control and I love having everything planned out and scheduled but for so many reasons, that simply just will not work for the season of live that I am in right now. The tighter I hold on to control, the wilder life gets, and not the good kind. So I have decided to let go, trust God and trust the process.

With that said, our washer is still broken. And it does not look like it will be fixed any time soon. It been broken since the first of this year and we are looking at another 4-6 weeks before its fixed. I’ve been on the phone with the warranty company and repair company and pleading for another option. But apparently this is the best and only option. I felt myself beginning to get irritated. It just should not take 8-10 weeks to get a washer fixed. This can’t be happening! Oh but it is and I have two choices. I can either continue to fight it OR I can just accept that this is out of my hands, decide to make the best and most importantly, find an excellent laundry-mat (preferably one with a wash and fold service haha) because it looks like I will be out of a washer til at least March.

I also found out by getting a letter from the Department of Revenue- Motor Vehicle Devision thatnotifying me that there was a lapse of liability insurance on my husbands truck and that we had a pending suspension of vehicle registration! What does all that even mean?! So of course I take a picture of it and call my mom because moms know everything, right?! She of course chilled me out because I was freaking out. I try my best to stay on top of everything but especially things that are my husbands. After getting off the phone with my mom, I called our insurance.

Our insurance company has a special plan for military families to use when one gets deployed and will not be using a car for an extended amount of time. After my husband left, I switched his truck to that plan. Well it turns out when the insurance company switch the insurance coverage, they did so in accordance to the state we are currently located in, not realizing that our cars were still registered in the state we were previously in. Of course the two states had two very different set of rules on what coverage one needs to maintain on their vehicle and we violated them. Once we got that all figured out we had the issue of the fine we were being charged! It was a pretty hefty one too. Because the lapse was no fault of ours, I asked the insurance company to pay the fine. That request of course had to be escalated to a supervisor and we are awaiting approval but I feel pretty optimistic that it will. I just can not get over how crazy it is that they made such a major mistake.

Throughout both situations, I am proud to say that I not only kept my patience but also remained calm, polite and understanding. I also realized that some things are just out of my hands. My saying for the time being is “It is what it is”. I also am choosing to channel strengthen and composure rather then frustration and irritation. All these situations are things I have never dealt with before. If my husband were home, these are all things that he would be handling. I can’t wait till he gets back so that he can take them over again but until then, its all me. And I know I’ve got this… or not haha. But either way, we’ll figure it out and make it through.


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