Sending All My Love

First care package has been sent! It should get to him just in time for Valentine’s Day (hopefully). And with his birthday being so close to Valentine’s Day, the second package is not far behind the first. They were both fun and stressful to make. Fun because I love going all out, decorating the inside, love the excitement and anticipation of giving a gift. Stressful because nothing I wanted to give him would fit into the darn box or could be sent through mail. An engraved knife, a new gun, gaming chairs, tool chest for his truck, nice bottle of whiskey, dinner out at our favorite restaurant, a night out watching the stars, a fun weekend getaway  😩. I ended up pulling together a really cute package that I know he will enjoy but I also decided that the packages would only be part one. Part two will be whatever I couldn’t send or we couldn’t do, waiting for him when he gets backs.

27946623_10159933635740076_745668370_oMailing the package was bittersweet. It was not until I was in the post office that it really hit me that we would not get to celebrate today. But I also had to smile because I knew when we do finally get to celebrate together, it’ll be worth the wait and one we sure won’t forget. Who knows, Christmas just might have to come in the summer and Valentine’s Day might just be in the fall but whenever it is, it will be fantastic and it will be ours.

Being in a military marriage, the brutal truth is that we probably will spend more special occasions apart than together. But this experience is what you make it. One of my favorite dates we ever went on was valentine’s day two years ago. We weren’t even married or engaged at the time but he drove us out into the middle of a huge field and we stargazed for hours talking about everything and nothing. I grew up in the city with tons of big buildings and bright lights. I had never seen stars so big and bight. Him being raised in the country, that was the only kind of sky he knew. I remember falling in love with the sky, the stars and him all in the same night.

Sometimes I think that we shared such wonderful memories before he joined the military so that we could have them to hold on to when his duties separated us. Somehow, the wonderful ones make the rough ones just a little better. They remind me that they all won’t be like this one and more importantly, of the love we have. Love that no distance can hender.


30 thoughts on “Sending All My Love

  1. My Way Home Life

    My mom sent me lovely care packages when I moved across the country to attend college. Her time and thoughtfulness always meant so much to me, and I know your husband will absolutely love what you sent. God bless!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing that sweet story! That is so true, although I may not have been able to send everything I originally wanted to, I know he definitely will appreciate the time and thought I put into it. Thank you for the reassurance and encouragement!!! Blessings to you as well!

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  2. Send your husband an infinity amount of THANK YOU’s from me for his bravery, his courage, and for being part of what makes us free in this great country.
    But my admiration is also with you, you are just as equally to be thankful for because you make this possible. You have tremendous strength and I know it comes from LOVE. Please know in your moments of weakness that feeling frustration is only human, you are entitled to any feeling, but in those moments bring yourself back and TRUST HIS HEART. It is what you have until the moment comes you reunite.


    1. Thank you so much for your words. I will pass that on to him. And I really appreciate you saying that to me as well. If theres one thing I have learned through this experience, it is that love gives you strength and courage you did not know you had. Your encouragement, support and reassurance mean so much to me and were much needed.

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  3. the guys overseas really look forward to boxes of goodies from loved ones…when I was in the Navy, those care boxes from my wife were treasured by me because everything inside was sealed with a kiss and that is way better than chocolate!


    1. Your comment means soooo much to me! To hear first hand from someone who has been in my husbands shoes. I can not thank you enough and am extremely excited for him to receive and open my packages. Because it definitely was sealed with love. Thank you for the reassurance!!!

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  4. I wish for every blessing and joy for you both. I remember deployed time back in the day away from my sweetie. I am grateful for those who serve to keep us free. And thank you for your kind notice of my recent post. I look forward to seeing more of your journey. Lona.


  5. So cute and thoughtful; I am sure he is loving it! As a military wife its nice connecting with another one because like our soldiers there is a shared bond there too. My hubby is in the Army Nation Guard so reading your post gave me some perspective on deployment. What are you doing to keep yourself busy while he is gone?


    1. Hi!!!! It truly is so wonderful to connect with others going through similar situations. Thank you for reaching out to me! Is your husband currently away? I try to set one big goal/activity/event a month. Usually something like a 5k, polar bear plunge, concert. Working towards or looking forward to those things help the month pass quicker. But I also have smaller things and hobbies. This blog would be a big thing thats keeping me busy. We just PCS’ed so I also am working on adding finishing touches to our house to make it extra homey for when he comes home. I love working out and spending time in the gym and also sending him cute decorated packages. What things do you like to do? I am always looking for new ideas!

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      1. That’s really good that you set goals and things to do that keeps you busy and staying positive. I know for my writing helps me settle my mind.
        My husband is not away right now as he is Army Nation Guard, but will be at some point. Its always in the back of my mind so I often have to remind myself to cherish the moments we have as they will be missed at some point. Looking forward to reading more from your blog too!


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