Just Take the First Step

Today, I did something that I have not done in a long time. I went for a run outdoors. Its just a simple thing, but I forgot how much I enjoy running and why I enjoy it. I started running my freshman year of college and discovered that it was an amazing stress reliever and excellent way to clear my head. I liked how unlike many other sports, this one was you vs. you. At least thats how I looked at it. I enjoyed always trying to be faster or stronger than my last run. One of my favorite things about running was seeing how far you could push yourself. Whether in distance or speed or both. I loved feeling my legs and lungs burn, my body wanting to quit but my mind telling me I could do one more mile. I loved going further than I thought I could. I loved proving myself wrong.

I ran my first 5k that same year and I guess you could say the rest was history. I just kept pushing and pushing to see just how far I could go. I loved the challenge. Sophomore year I ran a half marathon and Junior year I ran a full marathon. Oh goodness, I get goosebumps just thinking about all the emotions I had crossing that finish line. To this day, completing a marathon is one of my proudest moments.

Yes my face is froze haha. It was below freezing the entire race!

After college I began doing fitness competitions. I had to hang up my running shoes and begin lifting heavy and putting on some muscle. I did several competitions and loved it. Training and competing is actually how my husband and I met! It sadly has been a few years since we have competed. Life just kind of happened. We were going to compete last year, then he left for BCT and AIT. Then we were going to do it this year but then this deployment happened. I could do it without he but I just would not be the same. So we have decided to put competitions on hold for the time being.


With that said, I realized that that means I can pick up my running shoes again, and today I did just that. I ended up running twice as far as I intended to. At first I was doing it just to do it, but then… I started to remember. I started to remember how much I loved running, how it calmed me, how it challenged me, how strong it makes me feels, the feeling of accomplishment I get from it. It really refreshed me. I couldn’t believe how I let myself forget much I enjoyed running and how I had let years past without doing it. It felt so good.



Once I got in, I headed straight for my computer to find a race. I found a 5k for next weekend and a half marathon at the end of April. I think I am going to do both! And I could not be more excited! I have no idea where this passion will lead but I am so grateful that I rediscovered it.



30 thoughts on “Just Take the First Step

  1. Past my prime but a born again runner… have to haul out some of the running poems on Andrew Green’s Poems. Was a 3.15 Marathon runner 30 years ago but stick with 5k and 10k these days.


    1. That is so awesome!!! What a time that is!!! That is almost about half of my marathon time haha. I realized a long time ago that I am not the fastest but I still enjoy it. Nothing wrong with a 5k!!! Glad to have another runner on the blog 🙂


    1. That AMAZING!!!!! If you haven’t seen “Spirit of the Marathon” (its on Netflix) you need to! While training for my marathon, there were so many times that I got discouraged or needed some extra motivation and that movie always did it for me. Must have watched it dozens of times haha.Best of luck to you! Crossing that finish line truly is like no other experience ❤️

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  2. Good luck on the races! I broke both my ankles in 2016 and I just got cleared to start running again a few months ago. Unfortunately, it isn’t so fun anymore because of how weak I am so I’m hoping after a little more conditioning running will be my stress relief again! 🙂


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