Respect The 5k

First 5k of the year is in the books! It was a lot harder than I was expecting but nothing beats that feeling when you cross the finish line. It truly is a high unlike any other. Its relief, mixed with exhaustion and pride is the best I can explain it. I honesty was not expecting to feel such an overwhelming amount of accomplishment because I have been saying its “just” a 5k, “just” 3.1 miles but let me tell you, that 5k Kicked. My. Butt.


Its been 4 years since I ran my last half and 5 years since my marathon. In my mind, I thought it would be a breeze but the truth is, I am not in the same condition now as I was back then. Sure 5 years ago, 3 miles was my warm up, but today, it truly was a challenge. But one that I overcame none the less.

The break from running was necessary. I was beginning to get burnt out and needed to put on some muscle. I am glad that I stepped away but I am even more happy to be back at it now. I was expecting to run a half marathon next month but after today, I think I may need more time to prepare for a race of that length. BUT I do plan on running another 5k shortly. I completed this one in 34 mins. I had a goal of under 30 mins but was happy enough just to finish. I plan on sticking with the 5k’s until I can get my time down to 25-27 mins and then going from there. I still plan on running at least one half this year too but just have to push it back a little bit. Either way, its definitely safe to say that I have been bitten by the running bug and it feels great.

32 thoughts on “Respect The 5k

  1. tanmayagrawal7

    Congratulations!! I admire your take on this. No distance is easy if you’re just at the right pace to kick your butt πŸ™‚


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