Stronger than Before

What a week it has been. As promised, here’s a quick update on my running. I ran my second 5k this past weekend and it felt great. Since my last one, I really stepped up my conditioning. I focused on sprints and hill training since that was where I really struggled and what a difference it made! I crossed the finish line feeling so much stronger and that was a huge win for me. I was hoping to beat my time from the previous week but conditions were far from ideal. I may have been prepared for the hills and distance but I was NOT prepared for stormy Skys, rainy weather and 35 degree windchill.


Ended up with a time of 36 minutes. Thats three minutes longer than last time. Considering all the elements, I am still happy with it. As great as it would be to PR every race, its not really practical. I’ll get it next time… maybe or maybe not! Either way, I am just going to keep enjoying running, training, and challenging myself.


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