Give Life

Today, I did something that I had not done in years, I donated blood! I did it once in high school then again in college but besides that, that was it. I had completely forgotten until I found my donor card in an old wallet. I couldn’t believe I had let 7 years pass since my last donation. Disappointed in myself and wanting to change that asap, I looked up blood drives and donation centers near me. There where no blood drives happening soon but I was the local hospital had a blood donation center. So I made an appointment and started getting ready.

The process was a lot smoother and faster at the hospital that the past blood drives had I been to. Everyone was so kind and efficient. The atmosphere was really calm and inviting. I was in and out in under an hour! And the cookies and free t-shirt were definitely a bonus. I am a sucker for free shirts haha. The best part was that I learned the hospital was a level 1 trauma center meaning all blood donated would be used right there, locally to help those that were in need. It was such a great experience that I can not wait to go it again. I am hoping to donate at least three more times this year.


Since donating it, its so dumb, but I feel like I am part of a secret club or something. I get so excited every time I see someone with a “I donated” shirt. There are these two older men in their 70’s who come into the gym faithfully every day and they always have on blood donor shirts BUT its rarely, if ever the same shirt. So today I (still in my super excited donor state) started a conversation with them about donating. I told them that I had just donated today and both their eyes just lit up. We started talking and I finally asked them how many times had they donated. They chuckled and ever so casually told me that had given over 100 donations!!! Awww man, that just blew my mind. That takes over 17 years to accomplish IF you donate as soon as you are eligible. And I can only imagine the number of people they have not only helped but possibly saved. Wow, talk about goals. I don’t know if I will ever get to that number of donations but I definitely am excited for more to come.

If you never have donated or like me, its been awhile since you have, DO IT! Just one donation can save three lives. How amazing and priceless is that?!


60 thoughts on “Give Life

    1. Wow that is so wonderful! Thats crazy they let you do it bi weekly! I have to wait two months until I am eligible to donate again :/ Yes that is the only downfall to travel. The same thing happened to me as well. Thats so nice its something you do together!

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  1. Peterbread

    You forget about why you decided to donate in the first place, thanks for reminding me what it’s all about. I’ll have to get back to it and make an appointment.

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  2. All Things Life!

    That’s great! I love giving blood, not a massive fan of needles but it just feels good to do a little good! I’m on my 25th donation 🙂


  3. Donating blood is a wonderful thing to do. I was a regular until they banned people that spent large amounts of time in Europe in the 80’s. They’re afraid we can carry mad cow disease and possibly spread it to others. Although, I’ve never heard of this happening. Oh well……

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