Truck Troubles and Big Emotions

I know I have been writing some pretty heavy post lately so I wanted to change it up and share a light hearted, humorous experience.

For the past 6 months, I have faithfully been starting up my husbands truck every 3-4 weeks. Its also a diesel and its been his dream to own one. He got it in October right after he graduated AIT. One of the reason we traded in his Challenger for a truck was so we could pull my car cross the country for our pcs. After so long apart, we were not about to spend more time then we had to not together. But he also was ready to be back in a truck again so he could go hunting, carry big things and other truck people stuff haha.


Well last night, I went to start it up anddddd it didn’t start. My heart began to race as I tried again and again to start it up. I felt the tears begin to well and my hands being to shake. This cant be happening. He trusted me to take car of it and I failed. We also had just paid it off in full back in February. I was our last debt and while it was a lot, it felt great to be debt free. We found comfort in knowing we would able to sell it for cash if we ever needed to… But that was only if it was working!!! and it totally wasn’t.

All of this added to my already high anxiety. So I did what any mature, independent and grown human would do, I called my mom 😬🤷‍♀️ I had tears falling down my face before I could even tell her what was wrong. I am so grateful to have my moms help and guidance through life. It truly is not something I take for granted for I know it is a blessing many do not have. In her very calming and mom way, she told me that more than likely, it just needed a jump start and that our insurance would probably cover it. I told her that there was no way it was that simple and that insurance would cover it. I was convinced I broke the truck. I specially remembered telling her “I had ONE JOB and I couldn’t even do right!” She reassured me that I had far more than just one thing to take care of while he was away and that it would be already.


So with that, I called insurance. When the agent told me that we were covered for roadside assistance AND that it would not cost us OR raise our insurance I teared up all over again. When she told me that despite it being 8pm at night, they could have someone dispatched within the next 30 mins. That put me over the top and I full out started crying tears of relief. Sure enough 30 mins later, pop a lock roll up and it, no exaggeration, took him 30 seconds to get the truck running again. When I heard the engine start, I wish I were lying but I swear I bursted into tears all over again.

Its no secret deployments are tough and came make normally non stressful events stressful. Cars and insurance are two things I do not deal with when he’s home. I can not even begin to count the number of times this deployment has required me to step outside my comfort zone, learn new things and get things done. This was just one of many times. It clearly was an emotional night to say the least. But this I know for sure: I am so thankful for my mom and I am more grateful than ever for insurance 🙌🏼


47 thoughts on “Truck Troubles and Big Emotions

    1. Glad you found humor in it too! It was a lot of emotions. Its a lot of weight and pressure to be trusted to handle life and his things while he’s away. From taxes to bills to his truck.Sometimes it does get overwhelming but I am extremely grateful it all worked out too.

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  1. I cry over everything too! I know for a fact that if our truck stopped running, I would be devastated and think it was my fault instantly! Thank you for checking out my blog! Love reading yours!


  2. You did great. There is nothing wrong with stress tears, reaching out for help, and stress relief tears. God made us to do this, to be this, to react this way.
    So now, add to your tool box when life is a stressful: phone mom or a friend for help; when in it comes to the vehicle ask the insurance company; and letting the tears flow. Now the thing to remember is the tools are there for your use. God bless!

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  3. This reminds me of the time I moved out of my parents house to a city several states away when I was 19. This move was going to be my fresh start, and new adventure so I was pretty excited when I got there. Then one day on the second week of being in this new city I tried to find the post office and got completely lost. This was before smart phones too so I had no GPS, and some how I ended up on the other side of the freeway. I panicked, found the closest parking lot, and called my mom in tears. “How am I going to make it on my own if I can’t even find the stupid post office?!” I remember asking her. She laughed, told me to calm down, and then via phone helped my navigate my way back.

    It ALL works out in the end. But yes, thank God for moms. And I’m glad the truck was an easy fix. Maybe look into getting a portable jump starter in case this happens again? Those are amazing, and really easy to use!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and being able to relate. It really brought me a lot of comfort. I cant imagine a new city with no GPS!!! Yes, moms truly are such a blessing. Andddd I actually have one, just didn’t really know how to use it. I guess Ill have my husband show me how when he gets back and in the mean time ill just stay calm and have geico on speed dial 🙂

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  4. I’m so happy to hear the car started! I had a similar thing happen recently and AAA came out and immediately fixed the problem… I can only imagine the added emotion


  5. You’re mom is right- you must have done a lot more than you give yourself credit for. I find it’s never about the truck. It’s about all the little things that pushed me to the edge. Be kind to yourself. 💓 beautiful post.


    1. Yes, it most definitely was hundreds of little things. So many things have gone wrong and broken over this deployment. Ive been able to handle most but this one clearly just pushed me. The good thing about being pushed is now that I got all the tears out, I feel a lot stronger and ready to handle whatever else is thrown my way. Thank you for that reminder ❤️

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  6. I totally understand! I am a crier, and sometimes things just boil to the point that the tears have to flow lol. I love that you have such a close relationship with your mom – she sounds great and supportive. I’m so glad things worked out, it’s nice to hear a good story every once-in-a-while! 🙂


  7. shannonstedman

    Thank you for the reminders of “small, “simple” things. I don’t have a husband deployed but I could relate to much of what you said.


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