Finally Getting Closer

And just like that, we are finally in the excitement stage of this deployment. I wish I could share the exact countdown with you but I want to keep him and his unit safe so I will just leave it at that we are close. Not extremely close but close enough to finally use the word close if that makes any sense.

For each season of this deployment, I have given myself something to look forward to and used it as a milestone. From sending my first care package to getting something for the house we wanted. I have been waiting for some while now but the time to buy my home coming dress and make home coming signs has finally come and I could not be more excited.

Until now, homecoming has felt like some far off, distant idea or hope. But having a homecoming date has changed everything. Its a reality… our reality. He’s coming home. I am filled with excitement yet still have not fully processed it. I can only imagine the excitement I will continue to experience as the date grows closer. I’m pretty sure I am just as excited/anxious (if not more) for his homecoming as I was for our wedding. The time is not flying by but I am grateful that it is not dragging either. Between homecoming house decorations and finishing touches on the house, hopefully it will be enough to keep me preoccupied till he gets home ❤️

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42 thoughts on “Finally Getting Closer

  1. Such a beautiful post! I obviously now have to go back and fill myself in with all the details for your husband’s homecoming! I can’t imagine having to wait so long, so happy you choose to share this part of your life!


    1. Awww yes! You definitely will. Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for reading and I am so happy you enjoyed. I sometimes forget most of my followers have not been with me since the beginning so just ask and Ill give you the short re cap haha.


  2. Our Polaroid Journal

    Aww this post!! ❤️❤️❤️ I’ve only recently started following your journey but I’m really happy for you and excited for you!!


  3. It will be here before you know it, praying for your husband and his unit’s safety. You are darling and I am sure your homecoming dress with be fabulous!! Praying for you too!! Keep up that fabulous spirit!


  4. Laura McDaniel

    We look forward to hearing of his return to your loving arms! Grateful for his service and wish only the best for you two!


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