Weight Off My Shoulders

I am so thankful for understanding managers. One of my biggest stressors these last few weeks has been how to request time off for the home coming. The military can be unpredictable and I have learned not to trust anything until it actually happens. For the longest time we had one date… then it changed, then it changed again and again and again. It felt like every time I would request the day off, it would change.

I know there are mixed opinions about this but I never disclose being a military spouse while interviewing for positions. Even after getting this position, I concealed my husbands profession for the longest time. There are several reason why I did but thats a typic for another time. With my husbands date changing yet again, I mustered up all my courage today and finally talked to my manager about it.

I told him how I had put in several time off requests and did not know which one I would end up needing. I told him how the date keeps changing and how this is our first deployment so we really don’t know what to expect. I asked for advice and guidance on how to pressed and he’s response really shocked me. He said “I got you. When you know what days you need, just let me know and we’ll make it happen.” And that was that!

I was prepared to explain myself and the situation, to make my case and plead for the time. But I stood there at a loss for words. I still am speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude. I can not even put into word the weight and worry his statement took off my shoulders. I can breath so much better knowing I will not have to out my job at risk to be there when he arrives, whenever that turns out to be.

I have so much respect and gratitude for my manager. I have only been at this position for 6 weeks and he is willing to help and support me in such a major way. Its going to be okay. Regardless of how many more times his date changes. Its going to be alright and I am going to be able to be there and my heart could just burst with excitement, joy and thanksgiving.



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