I have always heard the term “nesting” in reference to a soon to be mother preparing the home for a baby. But as I hurry to add finishing touches and details to the house, I realize that to an extent, I am nesting too. Not for a baby but for him to come home.

For those of you who are new to our story, my husband and I PCS’ed (moved) to our first duty station this past November. Before that, he had been away at Basic and AIT. After 8 months apart, we were so looking forward to some time together and under the same roof. Well, the military had other plans. Just three weeks later he deployed. My chest still tightens when I think back to the moment he told he is was deploying in 10 days.

When he left, the house was still in boxes. With us having just got here, everyone expected me to move back home with my family. But I had other plans. I did not want him to come back to a house yet to be unpacked. I wanted him to come back to a home. A comfy, cozy, beautiful home. So as hard has it was, I stayed and began building our life here even though he wasn’t here.

Now, its almost time for him to come back and see this home I’ve created for us. I am a bundle of nerves and excitement. I spent entirely too much time picking out the perfect door mat. I have gone to far too many stores searching for the perfect shower curtain. I have searched way too many websites looking for the perfect throw pillows. But as I look around, I realize all the thought and time was so worth it. The house has come so far from being in boxes. And somewhere in the process of unpacking it turned from a house to a home. Just missing on thing, him. But that is all set to change very soon.

I can not wait to see his reaction. I can’t wait to have him home. We are so close. Just need to keep holding on, counting down and making this the cutest, coziest home ever ❤️


31 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. I’m so glad for you! I know that most have been hard…its not easy when our other half is gone. But it’s so great that you guys have stayed close and I’m happy for you that he’s coming home! And decorating would be a great distraction for me too 🙂


  2. Bless you. My husband went away for 2 weeks- pre kids- and I cleaned the entire (filthy, rented) house! I mean I even scrubbed the blinds and cupboards he would never look in 😂 Definitely something therapeutic about it. Hope the time passes quickly xxx


    1. Yessss!!! Thats exactly what I did!! I love when readers reach out and are able to relate and make me feel not so ridiculous. It definitely helped and it was so nice to bring him home to a clean, well organized home.


  3. You hang in there girl! It’s frightening starting a new life,making yourself part of the community.God bless him for doing this duty for his country.I look forward to following your blog and it is so lovely to meet you. Remember you are never alone. Much love, Anita.😊


  4. It is a life few of us can grasp – the separation, the time spent alone waiting, the power of higher ups to command direction. You write well, and your story is interesting. Will you include pics of your efforts?


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  6. This is so true! I often feel the same way when my hubby comes back from a long training period. (He is currently coming home now after one.) When he was away at BCT and AIT, scrubbed the house clean for like a week straight before he came home. It felt loving and productive to do not only for regular house maintance but for focusing my energy on something that could distract me as well. When is his ETA?


    1. Yes! Exactly!!! It definitely helps time pass and it was so nice to bring him home to a clean and well organized house. Thankfully he is finally home. It was a long nine months but I could not be more grateful or happy to have him back.


  7. I identify with you. I was in the Army for six years. Got married Christmas Eve while I was in jump school. Stationed at Fort Bragg. After OCS, our son was born. We went to Germany for about two years, then I went to Vietnam. I know these wars are different, the deployments are frequent and brutal. Treasure your time in between. I wrote my wife every day I was in Vietnam, now they have Skype. The only thing to be alert to is the way war affects people. They are traumatized by the violence. Different people respond different ways. Give him as much room as you can. It may take him time to readjust to civilian-type life. If he seems off after a month or so, encourage him to see a doctor. I know there is a big stigma about doing it, but it may be a real help keeping you loving each other and knowing how to deal with the whipsaw of combat and home life. Bless you both, you will both be tested.


    1. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and sharing your experiences. We do not know how long he will have at home but we are absolutely making the most of all the time we have together right now. Thank you for your advice and insight as well. As wonderful as it is having him home, it most definitely an adjustment. This experience has changed both of us. But I am grateful that our love and resolve for each other has only grown. It definitely is a process to him adjusting to being home and us being under the same roof again. I really appreciate your words and encouragement especially knowing you have been in our shoes.


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