While they are home, “deployment” is the word you don’t want to hear. And while they are deployed, “delayed” is the word to hope never to hear. Unfortunately for us, that is exactly what happened.  The rational side of me knows that its not much longer and that it will be here soon enough but at the same time, the wait feels like an eternity.

When he received the news, we both were in disbelief. We knew this could happen at any moment but knowing it and experiencing it are two very different things. Its extremely frustrating and painful to add precious days back onto our countdown. However, I am grateful its only a small extension and that he’s still coming home.

Military life tests, stretches and grows you. This is just another one of those situations. Our first instinct was to be pissed, frustrated, tired and irritated. We let ourselves feel those emotions. He drank a beer and I ate some ice cream. We both processed the change in our own way. While some might have distanced themselves from each other, we pulled closer together. Theres something special about going through all the ups and downs of this deployment, marriage and life together. Even when bad news comes, I am so grateful to have him to go through it with.

So unfortunately our timeline got pushed back a bit but we are still counting down and thankfully the number of days are getting smaller. As they say, the longer the wait the sweeter the kiss. I am counting on that!


21 thoughts on “Delayed…

  1. Hearing your hubby won’t be home for yet a few more days or weeks is a terrible feeling, we went through the same thing so I empathize. You have a great outlook though and as long as you look at the big picture and remember how small of a portion of you life together this deployment is, you’ll do just fine! Praying for no more delays!


    1. Thank you for reaching out to me and for the encouragement. It was definitely tough and frustrating to hear about the delay but you are so right. Its all about perspective. Means a lot to know I am not the only one to have experienced this. Thank you for your prayers as well!!

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  2. ablessedjoyfullife

    Oh my goodness, bless you heart! I know exactly what you mean. You know it can happen but then it does and it’s still shocking. We almost went through that recently. Plus, it’s no joke that just like ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ when you’re struggling (or missing or grieving) time seems to be frozen. I’ll say a prayer for your guys. Hang in there. I’m sending you a big hug! Thank you BOTH for your service and sacrifice.


    1. Yes, you truly do understand!!! Knowing something and living the reality can be total night and day. Thankfully that was the only setback for us. Time most definitely stood still but he’s finally home now and my heart could not be happier. Thank you for the encouragement and support!!

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  4. Came back today because I forgot to click like and want you to know that I know how difficult this is for the both of you–you are both in my prayers. Nothing easy about these things….


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