Holiday Anxiety

While most are excited for the holidays, I’m scared. Last year we were so sure that we would get to spend them together. Surely they wouldn’t deploy him just 8 weeks after PCS’ing… Thats what we thought at least. He ended up receiving ordered Thanksgiving week and deployed the following week. It was just a little over 3 weeks after we had moved.


I am scared to get my hopes up that we will get to spend the holidays together. He is so confident that we will but I know nothing is for sure and that at anytime plans can change. We made the best of last year but if we are honest, it hurt more than I can put into words. I know there will be holidays that we won’t be able to spend together but I am just praying that it won’t be back to back years.

I can’t control when and where his work will take him. Trying to will only cause stress and anxiety but I can control what I do with the time we do have together. We have made so many memories and had so many adventures in the four months he’s been home. I’m just as grateful for today with him as I was the day he came home. It still hasn’t worn off and I hope it never does.

I hope with all my heart we will get Thanksgiving and Christmas together. But however the holidays turn out for us, I know it will be alright.


12 thoughts on “Holiday Anxiety

  1. Cannot fathom how difficult this must be for you. I travel a lot for work and I know my husband doesn’t enjoy that.

    Here’s wishing you really do get to spend holidays with your husband!😊


  2. The lengths spouses will go to support each other is quite uplifting. He supports you by doing his job and going when he is ordered to. You support him by being independent and taking care of yourself.

    Keep it up girl, one day you might meet a young woman, just married and new to the military life. You will be able to help her and guide her, through the same things you experienced.


    1. Wow your words me so much to me! I hate that its taken me so long to reply. You said it better than I could! Thats exactly how we make this crazy adventure or military and marriage work.

      I would absolutely love to do that for others one day. One of the most difficult parts of this journey has been having to figure it all out on my own and not having many others to share with who have been in my shoes.

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      1. That is the gift you will realize as time passes by. You and you’re husband are truly on your own, you will reap the rewards of your hard work and dedication sooner than you can understand.

        Things and situations that would cripple other couples, you will laugh at.

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  3. Thank You

    Have you ever thought about war or combat? It seems foreign to those who have not experienced it. But what if you had to experience it, while being so far removed that you were completely helpless. The military spouse is often overlooked and under appreciated. But, it is the military spouse that enables their service member to go off and defend our nation.

    The role of the military spouse is an incredibly challenging and difficult one to imagine, let alone live. They stay home and take care of EVERYTHING, from the kids to the bills, dealing with both sets of parents and everything else that goes wrong. The military spouse does this all by themselves all while never complaining and doing their best to continue to support their service-member. From sending care packages to maintaining their children’s and parents expectations. The military spouse never gets a break, nothing is easy for them. They do not receive the respect and admiration they deserve.

    Veterans wouldn’t be Veterans if it wasn’t for their strong and independent spouses. The military spouse deals with everything themselves.

    Thank a Veteran, hug their spouse. The spouse enables the warrior to fight. Without the support of the spouse, the warrior would never exist.

    This Beautiful Life is a blog by a military spouse

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