Thanks for Sticking Around!

My husband being home has been the biggest blessing. Its been 8 months since his deployment and I’m still just as grateful for to be in his arms as the day he got home. He teases me that I’m more needy/clingy/cuddlely (is that even a word?!) than I was when we were dating and I blame it all on the Army.

_DSC5764We got to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, BOTH of our birthdays and Valentine’s Day together. And oh man did it do our hearts so much good to create so many precious memories. Since I last wrote, he has been promoted not once but TWICE! He now is an E4 and I could not be more proud! It changes nearly every other day whether he will stay in for his 20 or get out at the end of his contract but I am ready and excited for which ever he chooses.

I am excited to share that I also have been promoted! I now am a branch supervisor. Its crazy to think back to when I was unsure if I even wanted to take this job. I was weighing the pros and cons and honestly took the job, expecting to fail and be let go. And now 9 months later, here I am excelling and leading others to do the same.

I am excited to be back and continue sharing our journey and story with you all! I truly have missed connecting with everyone and reading your stories/blogs as well!


23 thoughts on “Thanks for Sticking Around!

  1. Am so glad you popped in. Was just thinking about you the other day and was hoping that I had not defollowed you. I know not a word (cuddley is a word by the way) Lately I have been finding that pages I followed have been unfollowed and I am not the one doing that . Anyhow congrats on all the memories you are creating. And omg girl Branch Manager!!!!! I knew you could do this job so well. Congratulations and welcome back.


    1. Your words of encouragement mean so much to me! Thank you for checking in, sharing my excitement and leaving such kind words. I keep saying I will be more consistent and here I am monthly later finally replying 🤦🏼‍♀️


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