Baby Fever

I think for the first time ever, I have the beginning stages of… Baby Fever! Yup I said it!

My husband has been ready since about the 3rd week of marriage and he’s  been pretty open about it. However, he has patiently and graciously waited for me to get there as well.


We both had birthdays last month. He turned 25 and I turned 26 and something about that sparked baby conversations. We never have had a hard timeline of when we wanted to start a family. Its always just been a not now but someday kind of thing. He had been dropping some not so subtle hints. But then he sat me down, looked me in the eyes and said “Babe, I’m so ready. I’m ready to start our family.” and my heart just bursted.

I keep waiting for that “perfect time”. For us to have more savings or just one more promotion. When he said those words to me, it finally clicked that that perfect moment doesn’t exist. We discussed each reason/excuse I had for wanting to wait and were able to come up with a solution for Every. Single. One.

And with that, our timeline went from sometime in the future to sometime… this year!

Not sure exactly when but we both are bubbling with excitement. I like to keep somethings close to the vest as far as friends and family goes but I couldn’t help but share the news with you all ❤️



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