Baby Fever

I think for the first time ever, I have the beginning stages of… Baby Fever! Yup I said it!

My husband has been ready since about the 3rd week of marriage and he’s  been pretty open about it. However, he has patiently and graciously waited for me to get there as well.


We both had birthdays last month. He turned 25 and I turned 26 and something about that sparked baby conversations. We never have had a hard timeline of when we wanted to start a family. Its always just been a not now but someday kind of thing. He had been dropping some not so subtle hints. But then he sat me down, looked me in the eyes and said “Babe, I’m so ready. I’m ready to start our family.” and my heart just bursted.

I keep waiting for that “perfect time”. For us to have more savings or just one more promotion. When he said those words to me, it finally clicked that that perfect moment doesn’t exist. We discussed each reason/excuse I had for wanting to wait and were able to come up with a solution for Every. Single. One.

And with that, our timeline went from sometime in the future to sometime… this year!

Not sure exactly when but we both are bubbling with excitement. I like to keep somethings close to the vest as far as friends and family goes but I couldn’t help but share the news with you all ❤️



20 thoughts on “Baby Fever

  1. Yay, baby fever! My wife and I were pretty much the same as you and your husband. She’s been ready for me to have a baby since we first got serious together, lol, but I made up my mind at a young age that I wanted to adopt. Well… Then we got two girls right around the time my first real bout of baby fever started, which put it off for a while, but now we’re amping up to start trying for our first biological child. So exciting, so scary, so much obsessive planning. LOL! So glad to have another friend on this journey (even though clearly our journeys are not the same… 😊)


    1. Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of your story!!! I love Hearing others experiences and knowing I am not the only one. Im looking forward to continue following you through your journey. Wishing you and your family the best!


  2. Hello – I was exploring Beaton’s “Becoming the Muse” blog and managed to click on your link. You are on course for what for us was some of the best times of our lives – having kids. We have 3 and the oldest just turned 27. We waited to have them, so this leaves me closing fast on my 64th birthday.

    Anyway, you mentioned something about enjoying personal stories. This is my current writing project and the first project that I’ve developed for the blog format. I have some that both you and your husband might enjoy. All my essays are 2000 words or less making them about 10 minutes each to read. They’re kind rowdy, but fun. I’m in this for laughs. Some of my readers tell me they read them aloud with others to share the laughter.

    Because you are in pre-kid mode: I offer you the following that you should both enjoy.

    and my person favorite of the batch:

    Each of these stories actually happened and I chose to see the adventure in most of life, so somehow adventures find me and I try to capture and share the resulting stories. I’m sure you’ve noticed that life can be chaotic. I hope you’ve also managed to see and enjoy the adventure that is frequently in the chaos.

    If you like them, there is a link at the bottom back to the full list of almost 60 stories. They reach back to some of my earliest adventures. You would be welcome to browse anytime.

    To your husband: Sir, thank you for your service. I date back to the Vietnam era and missed the draft by only a few months when the war was winding down, but we all learned to avoid service because wars were not fought – they were managed (poorly) by politicians and hated by citizens. It was terrible. Now days, I think we do it better and your work is properly honored by most reasonable adults. I never got to wear the uniform, but appreciate what you’re doing to keep us safe.

    I also hope you find some great laughs at where life did take me.


    1. I apologize for taking so long to reply. Yes, I love when others reach out and share their personal stories and experience so thank you so much for doing that! I enjoyed each of your stories. Just as you described, each was truthful and humorous. We are really enjoying and excited for this new season together. I am hoping to write an update soon! Thank you again for taking the time to read and leave such kind words.


  3. So excited for you! I remember feeling that same excitement with my first! She is three now and my second is 6 months. I found out I was expecting at Ft. Bragg and delivered my first in Hawaii—the military definitely makes for an interesting life! ❤ Blessing to you guys!


  4. Aw, yeah, there is no perfect time. Honestly, I never did feel “ready” prior to our first pregnancy. I think it was good it was a surprise! Now, at almost 34, I wish I had started earlier (like you are planning to!) Best of luck. 💜


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