We Have A Date

So my husband left a few days ago for some training. He’ll be gone for the next few weeks. As you know, we have seriously been discussing starting a family. We left it at “just sometime this year” and that was exciting enough. But him leaving for training prompted us to discuss it deeper and we have decided to being trying when he comes back. Ahhhhh!!!!!

He’s been so ready since the day we said “I do”. I am so grateful for how patiently and graciously he has waited for me. We’ll be married for 3 years this July. In all that time I have never said “I’m ready”. Never set a date. Never let the baby conversation get too serious. Never skipped a pill.

So I can’t blame him for being somewhat skeptical that I won’t actually be off the pill by the time he gets back, but he is in for a surprise! Something in me just switched and just like that, I’m ready to begin this new season and journey together. I’ve been on the pill for about 9 years. I am definitely nervous to experience the side effects of stopping the pill but at the same time I am really looking forward to learning my body. I am a doctors appointment in about two weeks to discuss coming off the pill, what to expect and trying to conceive.

I have always loved the feedback and advice you all have given me. If you have any advice, guidance or recommendations please please leave a comment. What did you wish you knew before stopping birth control? Did you experience acne breakouts/Weight gain or loss? Anything you wish you had asked your doctor/wish they had told you? Anything advice as we begin our trying to conceive journey?


19 thoughts on “We Have A Date

  1. I’ve got no tips for you re: going off the pill. But great big hugs of encouragement and patience and joy as you start down this next path of life.


  2. First, congratulations on this life-altering decision. I hope all goes smoothly for you. My daughters and I found that off of birth control we felt mentally healthier, although one experienced an increase in acne and I did return to heavy periods. You’ll be fine.


    1. Thank you so much for your well wishes and insight. Unfortunately I am experiencing acne as well. However, my periods do seem to be lighter so I am grateful for that. Trying not to focus too much on trying and just working on enjoying this new season.

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  3. I wish I had advice from experience but from years on TTC (trying to conceive) boards I know that some people’s cycles take a few months to regulate. Other people are just back to their body’s normal right away.

    I actually only ever used the pill for about a year or two (my body didn’t react well), and that was ages ago, but I actually really enjoy learning about the way my body works and knowing how to “read” it. I recommend a period tracking app to get an idea of how long your cycles are, and learn a bit about when you ovulate (helps to know which signs to look for). Those things just make it easier to get the timing right.

    Other than all that, just enjoy this time! You might get pregnant right away or it could take a few months. Having “tried” off and on for years with different pregnancies in between, I can definitely attest to the idea that taking it easy is the best approach. 💜


    1. Thank you so much for your advice and insight! I truly do appreciate it. Im grateful my cycle returned the same month I came off the pill. And thankfully it seems to be lighter than before. I have not tracked ovulation just yet because we really want to keep this process fun and stress free. However I have begun using a tracking app. Its definitely helpful for documenting things. Thank you so much for taking the time to read, reply and leave such helpful and kind words! ❤️

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  4. I went off the pill at 30. Did not get pregnant until I was 35. Mind I had been on the pill off and on since I was 14. But there will be a period of time while your body readjusts to not being hormonally controlled by a little pill.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and insight. I greatly appreciate it. I definitely am going through the adjustment phase right now. My cycle has begun on its own which is amazing! However, I am fighting acne 🤦🏼‍♀️ hopefully it won’t last too long.


  5. My cycle was very heavy and took a couple cycles to fall into a new routine I was freaking out about late periods turns out my normal cycle is 32-34 days long not the 28 the pills had me going! So excited for you! Being a mom rocks and watching my hubby be an amazing dad is awesome too


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and insight. I am experiencing the same thing! I am so grateful my cycle returned right away on its own. However, like you, I am discovering my cycle is much longer than I anticipated. My average is around 34 days as well. Glad to know I am not the only one! I can not WAIT to watch my husband become a father ❤️❤️❤️


  6. Well I am a tenderfoot in birth control, but I perceived your husband would be glad, you push things fast, I don’t think side effects will be something to worry about. Just adaptation of your body system after a long term


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