Sweet Little Moments

Today starts month 5 ttc and what an adventure it has been! My husband has been absolutely adorable.

We have a large calendar in the kitchen that we use to remember appointments, each others schedules and other special days. Well, I noticed a certain day had been circled with a heart and no explanation. So I asked my husband what was happening that day and he goes “Thats baby making day! Its your fertile window/day!” Oh my goodness this man cracks me up and has my heart. So of course I ask how he knew that and he tells me that he downloaded as app. He was so proud and confident. It was too cute.

But theres more. While on the pill, I only had my period once or maybe twice a year. And I usually was able to time it for when he was away. So now I like to give him a few days heads up before my period just because I know its nowhere on his radar. Well yesterday, I casually said “Hey, just so you know, I’ll probably be on my period next week.” and in all seriousness he goes “All ready?! Again so soon?!” Ya’ll… I laughed so hard 😂 All I could say was “Same babe, same” haha.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Little Moments

  1. laronda65

    Honey! He’s military! He has a mission. That mission requires tactical planning and critical execution. Failure is not an option! 😉 Let him relish this mission, because once he’s successful, the rest of the work is yours. You’ll be sleeping for two and eating for two while you grow a little human! Good luck!

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