Give Me A 3rd Row!

My husband and I recently started looking for a new car for me. He has had 4 vehicles in the last 3 years. He loves everything about the process, the hunt, negotiations, customizing/working on the vehicle, selling for a profit and then starting it all over again.

I could not be more different. I have had one car for more than 8 years and I am just as happy with it today as I was the day I got the keys. I loveee my car! It’s reliable, paid off and practical. However, it has a lot of miles and we have come to the conclusion that its time for an upgrade.

As we look online and visit dealerships, we have had a lot of conversations about features we’d like my new car to have. A few of the things we have agreed on is leather seats, back up camera and 2017 or newer.

But there are a few things we don’t agree on… actually just one thing in particular. Third row seating! I know its crazy, I know. We don’t even have one child yet and here I am wanting an 8 passenger car 🤦🏼‍♀️. What can I say, I am in full “mom mode” I guess. Just need the baby.. or 6 😳😬🤷🏼‍♀️

I did my best to make a case to my husband for why we need an 8 passenger but lets be honest, even if we may need it in the future, we definitely do not need one now. Somehow we started negotiating how many kids we actually plan on having.

We started with me at 6 and him at 1. We ended up agreeing with 2-3 😂. Either way, my husband said we most definitely will NOT be needing a 3rd way. We both know we have no idea how many children we actually will end up having and that plans/ideas/perspectives definitely will change after our first but it always is a fun discussion.

Anyway, we are looking at a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Kia Sorento or Subaru Outback/Crosstrek/Forester. Any suggestions, advice, comments, experiences with these? Wanting/hoping for a car that will last for many years at get to at least 100k miles. As always, thanks in advance!

Here’s to one day needing a 3rd row 😉🤞🏼


9 thoughts on “Give Me A 3rd Row!

  1. I am OBSESSED with the Kia Telluride. I went looking at it and you can hide the third row until you’re ready. Only downside was trunk space when the third row is in use. It’s on my list for sure. And we don’t have kids yet either so 😂

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    1. I haven’t looked at the car yet but I definitely will check it out! Thanks for the suggestion! And thats sooo good to know the Jeep is a bigger car. I haven’t test drove it yet but now I definitely will. I really am not about driving a car thats too big. Sounds like I would have the same difficulty as your wife. Thanks again!


  2. Do you need an 8 seater? My wife has been in the car business for over 20 years so I let her do the talking at the dealership while I play hard to get. poor salesmen don’t stand a chance because she knows the back end of the deals. but, what ever it is that you get go for gently used and don’t be in hurry to make the deal.


    1. Nope! Definitely don’t need it just yet and probably won’t need it for at least a few years. Haha thats awesome! We most definitely will do for the used route. Definitely a better deal and fit for our budget. Thank you for the insight and advice!


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