New Timeline

I’ve had three rounds of shots so far. The first one was rough, I got pretty sick after. But since then, I have been doing really well. I met with the doctor this week and got some exciting news.

My chart showed that we were TTC before being the allergy shots. I was grateful that she asked different questions than my doctor did. She asked how important TTC was to us and how soon we ideally would like to begin again.

I told her that we had talked it over and hands down decided to stop trying while on the shots. It was very important to us that I finish this process first but with that said, I’d like to move as quickly through the process as safely and possible that we could. She said she completely understand and made a plan to reduce the process from 35+ weeks to just 18-24 weeks!!!

The process definitely seemed daunting and endless at first but I can do 5 months. I told my husband that my doctor and I came up with a plan that would shorten the process but I did not give him the exact range. I am kind of hoping to surprise him with the news once I reach maintenance level. We will see how it goes!

If all goes well, I could be allergy free and good to go by April!! šŸ¤žšŸ¼


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