Officially “Trying”

Thats right!

I finished my last round of weekly allergy shots this month! It took 9 months for me to complete but I finally got there.

I officially reached “maintenance” which means two things. I get to go in only once a month now and its safe to being trying again!

July was our first month back TTC. I didn’t test for ovulation or do any other type of tracking. We just kind of winged it, had fun and hoped for the best. I was really hopeful that it would happen this month. Especially with it being our anniversary.

But unfortunately it didn’t. This may have been our first month trying post allergy shots but we also tried for 6 months before I started them. I’m not going to lie, it was a let down. And doubts definitely started to creep into my mind. “What if it never happens?” “What if I can’t?” “What if somethings wrong?”

But I can’t let my mind go there. Because I am determined to make and keep this season fun. I don’t want it to be filled with schedule, timing and track.

Just love ❤️


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