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Holiday Anxiety

While most are excited for the holidays, I'm scared. Last year we were so sure that we would get to spend them together. Surely they wouldn't deploy him just 8 weeks after PCS'ing... Thats what we thought at least. He ended up receiving ordered Thanksgiving week and deployed the following week. It was just a …

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One Year Ago

This week makes one year. One year since we left Georgia. One year since we last saw our families. One year since we moved into this little house of our. One year since we made Texas home. This is the first time we have had the pleasure of calling somewhere home for more than a …

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Anniversary Weekend

Since being married, we have only been on two vacations. The first was our honeymoon and the second was just a few months after that. He was away at AIT for our 1st anniversary last year. We unfortunately did not get to spend it together but we made the best of it and celebrated a few …

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