When The Distance Gets To You

With this deployment, I have learned that some days are better than others. Thankfully not all days are bad but not all days are not great either. Its a journey filled with many ups and downs. The easy days are treasured and the tough ones I take hour my hour but I am always grateful …

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Personal Banker In Training

I am happy to report that I completed my first week of training and... I like it! It's a huge learning curve. Absolutely everything is new. The newness is a bit overwhelming but I know with time I will become more confident and comfortable. There are so many procedures for giving out money, exchanging money …

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When Time Stands Still

I can not tell you how many times I have been told "Your life doesn't need to stop just because your husband is away at training/deployed.". And while that may be true for your career, social and other parts of life, only recently have I discovered that unfortunately its not true for every part of …

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