Why I’m not moving home during deployment

No, I am not moving back home while he is deployed. Although I am sure both our families would prefer I did. I did consider it. We talked about that possibility a lot and he was supportive of me doing either. Ultimately, I came to the decision that me staying at our new duty station …

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Not The Easiest of Nights

Tonights a night I just don't feel like sleeping. Sometimes in the excitement of everything I loose sense of reality... but it always finds you eventually and tonight its hitting hard. Im excitement to see my husband. I think that goes without saying and my family and friends are excited for me as well. But …

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9 Weeks Down, 2 Weeks to go

16 days to be exact. Plane tickets are bought. Rental car is reserved. Hotel us booked. Just counting down the days now. I wrote my last letter today. The commanders letter asked family to stop writing 2 weeks before graduation. I can hardly believe we're that close to graduation. It really is true what they say …

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