Today is Tomorrow

I know we are just a few weeks into this journey but I am so proud of my body. Each month I get my period, my initial reaction is disappointment but it is always closely followed by gratefulness. I know that sounds extremely odd, especially considering that we are TTC (Trying To Conceive). However, I …

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Anniversary Weekend

Since being married, we have only been on two vacations. The first was our honeymoon and the second was just a few months after that. He was away at AIT for our 1st anniversary last year. We unfortunately did not get to spend it together but we made the best of it and celebrated a few …

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Weight Off My Shoulders

I am so thankful for understanding managers. One of my biggest stressors these last few weeks has been how to request time off for the home coming. The military can be unpredictable and I have learned not to trust anything until it actually happens. For the longest time we had one date... then it changed, …

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