Why I’m not moving home during deployment

No, I am not moving back home while he is deployed. Although I am sure both our families would prefer I did. I did consider it. We talked about that possibility a lot and he was supportive of me doing either. Ultimately, I came to the decision that me staying at our new duty station …

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Countdown to Goodbye

Today went so well! I talked him into going to the early church service and on the way there I told him why but didn't give all the details. I just told him I had a surprise planned for noon in town. For the next three hours he guessed and asked questions constantly. Everything from helicopter …

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If only you would listen

Gosh dang it, its happening. Slowly but surely its creeping up on me, I'm getting sad. I'm missing him like crazy and that "stay busy" BS doesn't work because no matter how "busy" you stay, it always catches up with you. You eventually wear yourself out that you finally have to stop and when you …

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