Should I Leap?

This PCS, has been tough as far as my career goes. Before we moved, I had a great job, with amazing pay and perfect hours. I was prepared for it to take a few weeks, even a few months to find a job like that at our new duty station but I never imagined that it would be as difficult as it has been. The month we got here put in at least 150 applications. I had a few interviews but no job offers. When I finally was offered my current job, I was beyond relieved just to have a job!

The position is not something I ever saw myself doing. I am a front desk associate at Golds Gym. The hours are great. I work Monday – Friday and am off by 2pm most days. The pay on the other hand? No so great. What I can say is that this has been a truly humbling experience. Its my first hourly, part time and non management position. Despite it not being the kind of position I expected to get, I made the decision to give it my all and trust God to provide something better.

I continued putting in applications while at Golds but I still was not getting much interest. I honesty was becoming quite discouraged and beginning to think that Golds was all that was in store for me. Then, just like that, it happened. While working the front desk Monday morning, a member stopped by to talk to me. He said he really appreciated how friendly and welcoming I was. How I always had such a lovely smile and cheerful disposition. He said he worked at a bank not far from Golds and if I was interested, they were hiring. He then dropped the bomb that he not only worked at the bank but was the senior branch manager and in charge of hiring! I thanked him for reaching out to me, let him know I most certainly was looking for a job and that I would apply that night. I was so excited.Not only was banking an industry I wanted to explore but I had never been recruited before!!

I was a little disappointed that they only had part time positions available but I decided to apply none the less. The next morning, I received a phone call requesting an interview for the next day. I was shocked to hear back to soon! The interview was the next day and it went great. There were a few things about the position that were outside of my comfort zone but for the most part, I felt excited about the possibility. Well yesterday, I receive an offer! I was expecting it to be for a part time position but they there so impressed with me and my credentials that they offered me a FULL TIME position AND at a higher pay then previously discussed. I asked if I could have the weekend to consider their offer and told them I would get back to them first thing Monday morning.

As I write this, the answer seems so clear, of course I should take it but I would be lying if I said I was not hesitant or a bit scared. If I take the position, it will require some big changes and adjustments. The cons are that they are only weekends and most holidays. It also has a strong emphasis on sales which is not something that I have much experience or confidence in. The pros are that its full time, pays more and is a great career track. The finance industry is very hard to get into. No one wants to train people but this position is willing to do that for me. Banking is also everywhere. If I like it, I think it would set me up well for when we move again so that I am not in this position again.

The best part is that my husband is supportive of whatever decision I make. with that said, he did say he thinks I should take it but is behind me if I don’t. Its such a big decision and I know the answer seems obvious but I am grateful to have the weekend to think, pray and continue to talk to my husband about it.

As always, I welcome any and all advice, insight or encouragement ❀️



25 thoughts on “Should I Leap?

  1. I have lost quite a few jobs in my life. West Virginia has one of the worst job markets in the country but with each job loss God opened up a door to something better. I have never been hungry.
    My recommendation is that you use each opportunity that God offers as a way of gaining more skills. You guys will be reassigned as long as you’re in the service. ( 2 are 1. If 1 serves the other sacrifices to accommodate that service) The more skills and training you receive the easier the next move will be.


  2. Given that they have offered you a full time position with higher pay than discussed I would say that you showed something that they really want. And they are willing to train. Yes you have to sacrifice some weekends and holidays but on the other hand you will ha e a career that transfers anywhere. It sounds like what you have been waiting for and the Universe is giving you a sign. Regardless of what you decide you should be proud of yourself given what they have offered. 😊

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  3. Leap! Your proven skill set is far beyond your current job and Gold’s is really doing nothing for your resume other than creating work history you will have to minimize or try to explain away in future interviews. This is a time in your life where you need to make some sacrifices (less than ideal schedule) and take chances on opportunities that have a high upside. I am prior military…fun to see the “PCS” abbreviation…not a term used or probably even recognized in the civilian world.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. It really helped bring further clarity to what I need to do. You are so right. Golds truly is not doing anything to help my resume. I decided to take the new job after all and gave my two week notice to Golds this week. Haha that is too funny. I hear and use it so much I forget most may not know what it is.

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      1. Congratulations on the big professional move…very happy for you!😊This will keep you moving forward and expose you to a whole new world of abbreviations πŸ˜„


  4. When you speak of your job at golds… You sound dull and bored.

    And when u speak about the new offer before you… There’s a spark behind it and a hint of apprehensive excitement.

    So now… Which would u be happier doing?


    1. I most definitely and bored and over Golds. I decided to take the leap and try out the new position! I begin this Tuesday. I am really excited and looking forward to exploring this position. Thank you for your insight and advice I really appreciate it!


  5. Not that my opinion makes much difference, but if you had been praying for a new, better opportunity – plus like you said giving your current job your all – I would say God answered your prayer! You were grateful and worked hard with what He had given and so He gave you more! Just my thought πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž


    1. I really appreciate your insight and advice!!! You are so right. I really have been wanting, needing and praying for a bette opportunity and God definitely delivered it to me. I was not expecting to feel so nervous about leaving Golds but I decided to trust God and go for it. I start the new position this Tuesday! Ill be sure to right an update after I start πŸ™‚


  6. How awesome! I know the anxiety of not knowing whether you’re making the right choice when such a big decision arises. Just from what you’ve discussed though, it seems like it would be a great opportunity and would be a better fit for you job-wise. Just my two cents. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much for you input. I really appreciate it. You are just confirming what I already know in my gut and heart but it definitely is scary. I decided that the pros outweighed the cons and that its worth the risk. So I accepted it! and put my two week notice in at work today. What a day!

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  7. Congrats!!!! All I’m going to say is do what your gut instincts says if it feels right go for it if not don’t but if the part that doesn’t feel right is fear .. do not let the fear hold you back . I think God will help you . πŸ™‚


    1. I definitely feel fear but its the kind that I know I need to push through or I will regret letting it get the better of me and hold me back. As they say “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” I don’t know if this job will be everything I’ve ever wanted but I a going to take the chance and find out. If its not, oh well but at least I won’t live with the regret of what if. I gave my two week notice today! and officially accepted the bank job.

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    1. That is wonderful advice and thats exactly what it came down to. I know in my heart I would wonder “what if” and regret not taking the jump. And regret is not something I want to live with so I took the job! I start this Tuesday!!! Thank you for your help and encouragement.


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