Anniversary Weekend

Since being married, we have only been on two vacations. The first was our honeymoon and the second was just a few months after that.

He was away at AIT for our 1st anniversary last year. We unfortunately did not get to spend it together but we made the best of it and celebrated a few days later. Nothing too fancy but just enough for the year. We were not expecting to be able to spend our second anniversary together either but to our surprise we were! It was so unexpected, we did not know what to do! We ended up just enjoying time together and then getting dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant we both had been wanting to try. It doesn’t sound like much but it honestly was perfect.


Thinking that our anniversary celebrations were over we had no plans for the coming weekend. Despite me having the weekend off, my husband was scheduled to work both Saturday and Sunday. Then Friday night, he came home with the best news… He got the weekend off! As we sat there trying to figure out what to do with our unexpected weekend together we realized that he has been over 18 months since we had done any type of vacation. So with that, we picked a city, booked a hotel and started packing our bags.

Let me tell you, we had the best, most random, fun filled weekend. Being with him, exploring a new city, his hand in mine was more than either of us could ask for.

If nothing else, military life has taught us to appreciate every minute together and be present in every moment. Each anniversary will likely be different for us. We probably won’t be able to go to the same restaurant or place every year but each one will be uniquely beautiful.

(p.s. our anniversary was in July butttt I am just getting around to writing this post 🤷‍♀️)




29 thoughts on “Anniversary Weekend

    1. Yes we did! It was our first time there and we both love history so it was a very fun experience. Oh thats so cool! Texas has so much to explore. We are enjoying our time here but definitely hoping the army will move us soon. Wanting to see as much of the world as possible. So so happy that your sons experience has helped him appreciate you and his family even more than before.

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      1. Yes that would be exciting to explore other places. Yes it’s nice and he is doing better .. if you read my recent post confused it explains something I do not understand .. maybe your husband would know since he did Basic at the same base . It’s about my son getting letters from everyone in the family but me and I wrote more and earlier .. I know I did the right address and we all used the same envelopes…


  1. Whoops hit the reply to soon . It’s amazing to hear this since my son has been away he said so far what this experience has taught me what really matters and family is so important I believe he will come back from this such a man🙂


  2. This is wonderful. My fiancé and I love our days out and exploring new places, and it doesn’t matter where we go or what we do we always have the most amazing time together…we even have fits of giggles when just doing a food shop! It’s important to remember that the main thing is to be together, and often the smallest things like a meal our or a shopping trip are the best moments you’ll have!


    1. Yes! There is just something so fun and exciting about exploring the unknown together. Love hearing that you can relate and understanding. Its not about doing expensive, extravagant or fancy things, just being together and enjoying the most random of things. Thank you for reaching out and leaving such kind words!

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  3. Our Life In Montana

    I love this! And I’m so glad you got to celebrate together! My first wedding anniversary is coming up and your post made think that maybe I should think about what we should do to celebrate 🙂


    1. Its lovely! So pretty and romantic with tons to do! We are hoping to make a trip there again some time soon but its so difficult to plan around last minute trainings 🤦🏼‍♀️ Im sure you know the struggle!


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