One Year Ago

This week makes one year.

One year since we left Georgia.

One year since we last saw our families.

One year since we moved into this little house of our.

One year since we made Texas home.

This was taken in front of my parents house right before we left for Texas

This is the first time we have had the pleasure of calling somewhere home for more than a year. We sold our first home just 9 months after purchasing it so my husband could pursue his military dream. What a crazy but amazing decision that was.

Just three weeks after we arrived, he received ordered to deploy… that following week. My chest still tightens when I think back to that day. I was so scared and heartbroken. I felt so alone and scared in this new and foreign state. But I made the conscious choice not to stay there and to make the best of our situation.

Despite all the challenges, its incredible to look around at the home, life, friends and careers we have created in just one short year. I am so proud of how far we’re come and this life we’ve built.

This past year bought both challenges and joys greater than I ever could have imagine. It excites me to think of all the adventure this next year will hold for us.



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