Okay, sooo I’m going to have to step up my risky pic game lol. He ended up not opening that night like I was hoping. Instead he randomly did while we were on the phone together the next day. I was sooo nervous haha. “Ooooh, no pants. Sexy.” He said… and then we were on to the next thing. Just that like! He defiantly was surprised and loved it while it lasted but it didn’t hold his attention like I wanted. But its ok, mission accepted.

Obviously Im not just going to skip to a nude pic and miss all the fun. I’m going to take it as slow and risky as I feel comfortable with. After all, he’s got 15 weeks of AIT left and then more training after that. We’ve got plenty of time. I think I’ll also take it slow to make him really want and miss it… if you know what I mean. And just when he’s almost forgotten… BAM! Ill send him an awesome risky pic. Thats my plan anyway… in my head. We’ll see if it actually happens.


2 thoughts on “Anticlimactic

  1. You’re posts are incredibly relatable. Everything from learning how to talk to your husband on the phone to getting Snapchat the first time he’s away. It’s a close to home glimpse at the little things learned with the military life. Well done.


    1. Thank you soon much for your comment! It really means a lot. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one going through these adjustments and experiences. It is so wonderful to hear that I’m not. I really appreciate your kind words!


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